Free stock market guide. Stock selection, Portfolio building

Learn how to quickly choose great stocks and build an efficient investment portfolio.

What you will learn

How to choose stocks.

How to build an investment portfolio.

How to find great investment ideas.

Useful resources for traders.


Hi Investor.

I am a former institutional trader and treasurer. My goal is to provide you with quick and free tools to find great stocks and build a well-diversified investment portfolio.

In this course, I will be talking about how to select stocks and how to build a well-diversified, efficient investment portfolio. At the end of this course, you will have valuable knowledge on great stock selection and efficient portfolio construction.

If you are interested in learning about express stock selection methods and portfolio construction methods, welcome to this free course.

This course is designed for a beginner (with basic knowledge about the stock market) and intermediate traders/investors who want to quickly find great stocks tailored to investment strategy and build a stock portfolio. This course is only suitable for some beginner traders because I will not be talking about very basic concepts like what is the stock market and stocks and what are the major stock market participants. That is why if you are a beginner with no basic knowledge, you must first choose another course that will teach you these basic concepts. I will not be diving deep into the stock market and equity valuation. I will also not discuss other financial instruments because this is a free, express course devoted to stock selection. If you are interested in deep learning and want to learn about other financial instruments, get valuable valuation models, and have practical investing and portfolio management knowledge, please take my other course, “Financial instruments and analysis. A Practical Guide”.

I hope you will like my course. See on on the lectures!



Choosing the right stocks.

Website #1 Selecting the stocks. Advanced approach.
Website #2 Analyzing the stocks.
Equity valuation. Basic approach and simple Excel model.
Website #3 Selecting the stocks. Quick method.

Building a stock portfolio.

Website for building a stock portfolio. Advanced approach.
Website for building a stock portfolio. Quick approach.

Useful free resources.

Useful materials for stock Investors. Part1
Useful materials for stock Investors. Part2

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