Finding unique business idea

This course will teach students on how to find an unique business idea and will give systems to run business efficiently starting from idea finding to launch every stepΒ  will be dealt in detail. The course also have have a section on how to do organic and paid facebook marketing for products and services.

Course Details:

  1. Idea finding
  2. Business model figuring out
  3. Building the minimum viable product
  4. Create a list of 50 potential customers
  5. Speak with 50 potential customers or get review of your product from them
  6. Add screenshot of products in website by creating a single page website
  7. Invite 1000 people to participate in a beta launch
  8. Creating the product .
  9. Testing everything with complete setup of backend.
  10. Get paid customers out of 1000 at launch.
  11. Execution tactics and the journey ahead .

The results are easy to come for a determined action taker.

You will also learn how to manage relationships with your team members. as 66% ofΒ  business fail due to team issues and if you manage your relationship well with your team members you become one in the top 5% of businesses.

We will go into depth into managing Key performing indexes .As the things which you measure grows drastically.

The important performing indexes are customer reviews, Sales, product quality.

The customer service and after sales service with creating an system to get referrals from customers will add huge value to your business .

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