File & Folder Management Using PowerShell

Master File, Folder and Location Management With PowerShell – Practicing Field case examples, Scripts & Demos

What you will learn

File, Folders and Path Management Using PowerShell

Will Learn PowerShell Scripting

Command Specially used for File Management


If you want to learn File Management using PowerShell, then this course is for you.

File Management is part of Our day Today IT Operations, After completing this course, You will find yourself very efficient and confident in Advanced Automated File Management.

You will be able to do all the stuff with files and folders using PowerShell, What you can do using normal Graphical User Interface.

Now a days every Leading Platform using PowerShell as its Management Tool, whether it is Microsoft Products, VMware, Citrix, cloud Providers like Azure, AWS, or Google  etc.

Now either we need to learn each Platform’s own command line Tool to manage them OR we can Learn a Single Powerful Tool that is “PowerShell” to manage them All.

Means PowerShell is a Skill, that perfectly fit into framework of “Learn Once, Apply everywhere, throughout your career”

Please don’t wait that others  should encourage you to learn this Skill.

Try to identify need and demand of Today’s time, and Grab this opportunity to Learn this new Skill to match pace with Trending Time and Technologies.

I am sure, As soon as you complete this course, You will be very efficient in managing Files & Folders Using PowerShell.

All the best 🙂



Introduction & Overview
Why Efficient & Automated File Management Using PowerShell ?
How to Get and Use Provided Resource To grab Maximum
About me
Navigating through File System
Dealing with Path – Relative & Absolute
Join Paths
Split Paths
Test and Convert Path
Working with PowerShell Providers and Drives
Dealing with Working Location
File Management in Depth
Files and Folders advanced level provisioning based on different parameters
Listing Items/Child Items (Files & Directories) using even complex criteria – 1
Listing Items/Child Items (Files & Directories) using even complex criteria – 2
Lets check our Learnings by now
Write new Contents to a file directly & Indirectly
Append Contents to files from different sources
Use Redirection to populate contents of File
Clear Contents of Files
Change value of properties of Items / Files
Delete files and Directories with different criteria
Copy files and Directories using different filters
Move files & Directories in bulk using different Options different Cases
Rename files in usual & unusual cases as well

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