Feminine and Masculine energy:The secret between energies

The secret between energies

What you will learn

Εnergy and Spirituality

Learn about Feminine energy and its secret

Learn about Masculine energy and its secret

Sexual polarity of energies

Divine Feminine:The higher energy of woman and its secrets

Divine Masculine :The higher energy of man and its secrets

How to become Divine Feminine

How to become Divine Masculine

How to Breath

How to keep feminine energy and masculine energy in balanance

What is a wounded feminine woman

What is a wounded masculine man

Meditation for Feminine Energy

Meditation for Masculine Energy

Meditation for Manifesting with the Law of Attraction


Hello, my name is Georgia, in this course that I’m going to teach you, you will going to learn some things about your own shelf and how all that energy and polarity combined work together, it’s a significant cause in this course you are going to do a deep swim inside yourself and discover new things you didn’t know before and also a new way to experience your spirituality.

Its also a great way to find the balance in you and your inner peace also, cause you deserve a happy life and live your life by your choices and your way of heart, you will crave what you truly want from the bottom of your heart and by my guidance and your wish to learn and to be open to new things we are going to make you feel complete, balanced and pleased in you in the authentic you.

You will learn in this course some things about your energy, your archetype, and how to manifest with the law of attraction also I got you some breathing technics  and meditations for a little more help these are the chapters you are going to explore:

  • The Law of attraction
  • Feminine Energy
  • Masculine Energy
  • Polarity and Balance
  • Sexual Polarity
  • Divine Masculine
  • Divine Feminine
  • How to identify your energy
  • Find your inner balance

After this course you will be able to:

  • Learn the secret of energies(Feminine/Masculine)
  • Be able to understand and manage your own energy
  • Find your inner balance and happiness
  • Find your own spiritual path
  • Have better relationships


Introduction to Energy

Energy and Spirituallity
Nature, Energy, and Spirituality
Natural and Spiritual Energy in World Religions (Part 1)
Natural and Spiritual Energy in World Religions (Part 2)
Human Life, Energy, and Spirituality

Introduction to Feminine Energy

What is Feminine Energy?
What is Wounded Feminine Energy?
How to Heal Wounded Feminine Energy
What is Divine Feminine?
Embrace Femininity and Release your Inner Goddess (Part 1)
Embrace Femininity and Release your Inner Goddess (Part 2)
Tapping into the Divine Feminine for Recovery (Part 1)
Access the Divine Feminine with Woman’s Recovery
Meditation for Feminine/DivineEnergy

Introduction to Masculine Energy

What is Masculine Energy?
What is Wounded Masculine Energy?
What is Divine Masculine Energy?
What are some examples of the divine masculine?
Why Has the Divine Masculine Been Ignored?
Divine Masculine and the Spiritual Awakening Process
Benefits of Awakening the Divine Masculine
9 Ways to Awaken the Divine Masculine Within You
Meditation for Masculine/Divine Energy

Polarity & Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Polarity?
Sexual Polarity:Feminine vs Masculine energy
The other side of the law of polarity: Depolarization
How to manifest what you want in life
Meditation for Manifesting
Meditation for Twin flames

Breath Technics for Stress Relief

Breath of Fire
Nostril Breath

Test for finding your Archetypes

The 13 Feminine Seduction Archetypes
The Five Male Archetypes Test

Helpfull books for spirituallity

A Guide to Polarity Therapy: The Gentle Art of Hands-On Healing
Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit Paperback
The Secret of The Masculine & Feminine Energies: A Guide To Healing Relationship
The Body of 9: Decode Your Natural Physiology and Discover Your True Self
The Mechanics of Manifestation: Learn the simple energy physics by which events

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