Eyesight empowerment

Improve your eyesight, get a better perspective on life and see your life with a renewed vision.

What you will learn

Improve your vision

Reduce dark circles and fine lines

Perceive life more optimistically

Understand how emotions affect eyesight

Work with the window to the soul as a way to increase overall health and vitality


5 years ago I set myself a challenge of 30 days to get rid of my dark circles using dietary changes, oils to use on acupressure points, affirmations and meditations, tai chi and yoga stretches, reiki, crystal therapy, magnet therapy and self massage, pranayama breathing exercises and Eden Energy Medicine routines.  Basically anything holistically I could think of to help!  By the end of the month I managed to improve the skin around my eyes as planned and did a whole photoshoot without any makeup, but surprisingly I also had the beautiful side effect of reducing my prescription and being able to donate my glasses to charity.  Now years later I still don’t need glasses and I feel that keeping up with certain parts of the course has improved not just my eyesight but my perspective on life. I have a better vision about my journey ahead that which is why I want to share this part of my journey with you! With 20 minutes practice a day you can watch the daily videos I made recording the holistic practices I chose and you can follow along with me to practice the exercises, get bits of advice on recipes, everything that impacts your eye health to give you a holistic approach to looking after your vision, eyesight and perspective.




What you’ll learn in this course
Keeping bright eyed and bushy tailed with the Tibetan eye chart
Supporting stomach energy to help your eyes
wake up with Eden energy medicine
allergy busting tips
Probably the maddest video of the lot – I love spoons!
Eyesight empowerment meditation
Kidney meridian balancing acupressure
auric field balancing
auric field video for eyes part 2
Brain balancing techniques to heal your eyes
Top 8 mini Eye exercises
home made colour therapy
stomach meridian balancing using neurovascular points
some tips on eating and drinking well for eye health
Liver balancing acupressure and stretch
pranayama humming
Yoga poses that impact your vision
more pranayama
exercises to balance your bladder and liver meridian
more allergy tips
Make soup to look after your eye health!
Metabolic breathing for bulging eyes
Sunglasses and EFT tapping
Eden energy medicine in the gym
more colour therapy and diet advice
getting in touch with your pets and yourself
Self massage to relieve TMJ pain
Yoga ball stretches
balancing the small intestine
Makeup which looks after your eyes
using Eden energy medicine to improve your squats

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