Everything About Kali Linux OS

Learning The Penetration Testing Distribution

What you will learn

Kali Linux

Kali Linux Operating system


Welcome to this course,

In this course you will learn about the Kali Linux system that is the Kali Linux operating system in detail…..

We will not be going through every single tools on Kali Linux but we will be studying about that operating system and how to use it.

We will be going through installing Kali in PC as well as Virtual Machine and much more.

Go through the Introduction part to know more about the course so that you will know the content of the course and make a good decision to buy this course for you.

Here is some details about Kali Linux which is a PenTesting Distribution.

What is Kali Linux, and what is a Penetration Testing Distribution?

What is a penetration testing distribution? As legend tells it, years ago there was a penetration test in an isolated environment where the assessment team was not able to bring in any computers or have network access in or out of the target environment. In order to do the work, the first penetration testing distribution was born. It was a bootable Live CD configured with various tools needed to do the work, and after the assessment was completed the Live CD was shared online and became very popular.

Kali Linux has a direct lineage from this original distribution, running on through BackTrack Linux, and now is Kali Linux.

What are the makings of a great penetration testing distribution? What a penetration testing distribution is judged on has changed over the years. Originally it was just how many tools did it hold. Then it was did it have package management, and how often were they updated? As we have matured, so has the features that we need to provide. The true indication of a great Penetration Testing distribution is the selection of useful and relevant features that it offers security professionals. What kind of features are we talking about? We’re happy you asked! We’ve made a short list of some of these Kali Linux features, and linked them to their respective sources.





About Kali Linux

Purpose and Use Case

Simple Installation Of Kali Linux On VM (Hands on)

Readme Information of Installation of VM
Installing Virtual Machine VM Ware and VirtualBox
Readme Information of Installation of Kali
Installing Kali Linux

Getting Started with Kali Linux

ReadMe Before Continuing
Getting Started
Downloading Kali iso Image
Kali website
Is my cpu 32 or 64?
Bootable Windows
Bootable Linux
Bootable MacOs
Kali ISO on Real Pc
Kali ISO on VM
Virtual Box
VM Ware

Linux Fundamentals

What is Linux 1 ?
What is Linux 2?
The Command Line 1
The Command Line 2
The File System
Useful Commands 1
Useful Commands 2

Installing Kali Linux

Step by Step Installation on a Hard Drive (With Images)
Step by Step Installation on aEncrypted Hard Drive (With Images)

Configuring Kali Linux

Managing Unix Users
Managing Unix Groups



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