Entrepreneurship: How To Start Your Own Business

Learn How To Convert a Hobby or An Idea into a Successful Business Go To The Next Level With These Insights & Strategies

What you will learn

Start your own business with confidence

Convert your hobby into a business

Go to the next level

Get the answers you need to start your own business

Create the necessary action plans

Understand the road to success

Avoid the common mistakes people make

Save time and money

Create a road map that works

Gain the confidence and Know-how to start your own business

Understand how a startup works

Relate with your business in an insightful manner


Do you want to convert your hobby into a business? Are you thinking about quitting the 9-5 grind and one day running your own successful business? Do you have an idea for a business you really believe will work? Are you looking for simple, actionable information that will take you to the next level in your entrepreneurial journey?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then I can confidently say you have come to the right place.


In this course I have put together many of the questions people have asked me over the past 20 years about starting a business. I have answered them in a way that allows you to understand them quickly and enables you to take action!

Find the help you need! As you go through this course you will discover the solutions to many of the issues, challenges & thoughts that have been holding you back from starting and running your own successful business.


For easy referencing I have divided the information into the following sections:

  • What to avoid and what to do
  • How to check the viability of your idea
  • Business planning
  • Money issues – how much do I need, How to start a business with little money
  • Marketing issues – How to make my product go viral, How to find clients and keep them
  • Legal matters and qualifications

(This course will see a tremendous amount of updating)

Whatever is not answered, inbox me and I will update the content. I seriously want to help you get to the next level. So take this course and let us start the journey together.


To remove any risks on your part this course comes with my no questions asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

So what are you waiting for click take this course right now!



Important Announcements!

Before Your Begin
How The Courses Work Together

The Beginning

Listen To This First! – Course Introduction and Curriculum
Download The Slides

What To Avoid & What To Do – FAQ & A

When Is The Best Time To Start A Business?
What Are the Things I Must NOT Do First?
What Aspects of the Business Process Can Be A Waste In The Beginning?
What Are The Important Things To Do?
Am I Doing The Right Things?
I Want To Start My Business But I Am Afraid of……
How Do I Start A Business With A Full Time Job?
How Do I Stay Motivated?
I Am An Ideas Person, How Can I Make Money?
When Is The Best Time To Start A Business

Feasibility Study (Checking The Viability of A Business Idea) – FAQ & A

Will My Business Idea Work?
Are People Willing To Pay For My Product?
Will My Product Sell?
Business/Project Viability

Business Planning – FAQ & A

What Should I include In A One-Page Business Proposal?
Do I need A Business Plan?
Do You Need A Business Plan

Financial Planning – FAQ & A

Do I Need A Cashflow Forecast?
Do I Need To Borrow Money For My Startup?
I Don’t Have Any Money, How Can I Start A Business?
I Don’t Have Any Money ………..
What Are The Sources of Startup Funding?
How Much Money Do I Need To Start My Business?
How Do I Calculate How Much I Need?
I Have No Money To Start My Business

Startup Business Marketing – FAQ & A

I Have No Competition!
How Do I Find Clients & Keep Them Coming Back?
Google or Facebook Ads – Which Is Better & Why?
How Can I Make Sure My Product Goes Viral?
How Can I Determine The Level of Competition?
How Do I Find the Best Location For My Business?
Which Websites Should I Visit – There Are Millions To Choose From?
Can You Recommend 3 Books?
Google & Facebook Ads

Legal Issues & Qualifications – FAQ & A

Do I Need Academic Qualifications To Start A Business?
How Many Signatories Do I Need For A Company Limited By Guarantee?
What Certifications Do I Need For My Business?

Lean Startup!

How To Discover Your Ideal Market
Developing Hypothesis
Exploring Best Options

Bonus Lecture

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