Emotional Intelligence for Software Engineers and Developers

Improve your Emotional Intelligence & Boost your career growth using Success@Work model with effective Practical Tips !

What you will learn

Understand Why Emotional Intelligence is Important for Software Engineers

The Components & Model of EI

Role of Emotional Intelligence in complete Software Engineering Team : From Developers to Project Managers.

Difference in IQ & EQ

EI in Web Development, Software Testing, Project Management, Digital Transformations etc

Why Developers need to improve EI

Effective Tips for raising EI in Software Development Teams

How to Demonstrate Your EQ During Interviews


As software developers, we have our image of what it means to be a good developer, and we also have a mental model of the road we started walking when we first entered the field as interns or as junior developers. Most of the time, we research what technical books to read, what courses to watch, which field to go into, web development, mobile development, or something else. The Technology, the tool – we get so involved in this wide array of choices, and so there is something very foundational that we might miss if we don’t pay enough attention and get lost in the technicality.

There is a set of skills known as “soft” skills, and that forms the ‘EI’ or ‘Emotional Intelligence‘.

Emotional intelligence is something everyone has, but which few of us really know how to channel or develop. Many Software Developers wrongly believe it to be a quality they simply don’t possess – and that if they weren’t born with it, it’s something there’s no hope of attaining later in life. But the good news for all of us is that emotional intelligence in general, and empathy in particular, are things we can train ourselves to have more of.

More and more employers are looking for coders and Software Developers who have the right set of “soft skills”, such as the ability to work well with a team, to empathize with coworkers and customers, and to de-escalate emotional situations. All of these skills require a high degree of emotional intelligence. What is emotional intelligence, and why is it important? And how can software engineers, coders and programmers develop emotional intelligence before or during their career? You’ll learn the answers to those questions in this course.

I assure you that after taking this course you’ll say :

  • I’ve come to understand why I previously avoided certain situations, the roots this had in particular emotions, and the impact all that had on my sense of self-worth.
  • Getting an insight into what people around me want, and why they do what they do, has become dramatically easier for me.
  • Because I can now understand them better, knowing how other people are probably going to act has become much easier.
  • I’ve begun to find it much simpler to identify and engage in the small pleasures that brighten up my life and make me more productive.
  • Difficult tasks like engaging in negotiation have come to be things I can take pleasure in.
  • My Development efficiency has increased well, and I am now able to respond well to negative situations like downtime, outages etc.

Top Reasons why you should choose this Course :

  • This course is designed keeping in mind the students from all backgrounds – hence we cover everything from basics like EI fundamentals, and gradually progress towards more important topics around EI, seeing some practical tips to improve.
  • This course can be completed over a Weekend.
  • This course covers end to end introduction to EI and guide to be better at it.
  • Useful resources will be shared time and again in the course to keep it updated with new ideas.
  • All Doubts will be answered.

Most Importantly, Guidance is offered in detail regarding the smallest of things that matters ! You will not only learn the process to improve your EI, but important principles – that will help you understand this crucial skill and help become more efficient in your current role, and grow faster !

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course.




What is Emotional Intelligence?
Understanding EI (Emotional Intelligence)
History of EI
Some EI Facts
What is the Difference Between IQ and EQ?
5 Components of EI

Model for Emotional Intelligence

Model for Emotional Intelligence
Model for Emotional Intelligence #1
Model for Emotional Intelligence #2
Model for Emotional Intelligence #3
Model for Emotional Intelligence #4
Model for Emotional Intelligence #5
Model for Emotional Intelligence #6

Emotional Intelligence in Software Engineering Teams

Why EI is a must in Tech Companies
How to Identify Software Engineers with High Emotional Intelligence
People in Software Teams that should focus on EI
Why as a Developer I should improve my EI?
How to show EI with Non-Tech people?
Tips for Raising EI in Your Project Environment
How to Demonstrate Your EQ During Interviews?

Industry Wise need for Emotional Intelligence

EI in Project Management
EI in Software Testing
EI in Web Development
EI in Digital Transformation

Practical Tips to get Better at Emotional Intelligence

Tips to get better at EI 1
Tips to get better at EI 2
Tips to get better at EI 3
Tips to get better at EI 4

End Notes

Congratulations & Next Steps

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