ekaAPI Development Platform

Quick Start Your API Development Journey with a Start-up Friendly & Enterprise Ready Platform.

What you will learn

Build and launch your APIs, easy and fast.

Deploying APIs for in-premises and Cloud

Startup Friendly, Enterprise Ready.

Low-code No-hassle No-limits.

Scale of cloud and powerful Visual Experience.


API Design & Development on ekaAPI Platform

ekaAPI is a user-experience based API development platform that comes in a web and desktop interface. It provides various integrated tools for fast API development saving 65% of total development time.

The user experience-backed interface provides an efficient mechanism for developing, managing, integrating, and deploying APIs. The third-party plugin support improves upon the capabilities and features of the build. The pack-and-go feature enables APIs to be migrated to any other platform for its implementation.

API Integration using ekaAPI Platform

Build a Minimum Viable API within the environment with a reduced error rate of 80%. ekaAPI provides a huge scope of 3rd party integration followed by hundreds of plugins provided by the environment.

The continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) features provide an integrated development and deployment environment avoiding any third-party dependencies.

API Deployment on ekaAPI Platform

Save around 90% of deployment time with ekaAPI. EkaAPI provides high latency from request to response, thus enhancing the rate-limiting for every user accessing the API.

The platform also provides high API throttling mechanisms that enable users to access the APIs. The platform also supports Service Level and Global Configurations.

API Advanced Monitoring and Analytics on the ekaAPI Platform

ekaAPI platform provides advanced monitoring and analytics for various data visualization activities by highlighting latency, client visits, API access, and much more. These infographic visualizations are simple and powerful, created from the log data. This advanced monitoring keeps track of total traffic, error rate, latency, and alerts.

API Production Management on ekaAPI Platform

ekaAPI provides customers with various services for assembling, and customizing API with a User-Experience mode. It understands the specific needs and expectations of the developer community that calls/integrates for realizing the product-to-platform vision. The APIs developed on the ekaAPI Platform are portable and can be migrated to various other environments.

The Platform promotes the establishment of consistent naming conventions for API endpoints that clearly identify the nature and purpose of the API. It removes ambiguity and contributes to a positive and predictable, developer and user experience. It is best to choose a common base URL for all APIs and a framework for the trailing URL that avoids jargon and abbreviations.

API Testing on ekaAPI Platform

The testing on the ekaAPI platform provides ample interfaces for checking the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the newly created APIs and their integration. The internal testing is carried out using various testing tools to drive the API and also a dummy self-code is also written to further test the APIs.

The external testing is done using a third-party web interface like postman etc. The testing focuses mainly on the business logic layer of the API’s software architecture both internally and externally using a third-party web interface

API Access Management & Security of ekaAPI Platform

ekaAPI Platform uses security measures from network security, and controls that handle and drop invalid and malicious incoming requests. It takes adequate measures to maintain the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the data and resources handled under APIs.

The platform addresses security risks like Broken Objects, User, and function level authorization. It has also addressed the vulnerabilities like excess data exposure, improper asset management, lack of resources, and injection flaws.



Beginners API Development Course on ekaAPI Platform

Quick Start with ekaAPI Platform and build an API that echos “Hello Word”
Build an API/Web Service that reflects the Capital of the Country
Build an API that implements Loops

Intermediate API Development on ekaAPI Platform

API Development for Weather Application
API Development for Crypto Currency Convertor

Project Work

Project Work

Introduction to the Platform

Introduction to ekaAPI Platform

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