Ecommerce Fundamentals

Choose a Business Model.

What you will learn

Choose a Business Model.

Industry and Persona Research.

Product Selection

Establish Your Business


Start your online store

– Hi, I’m Sadık Vural, I love helping entrepreneurs build sites that can take their businesses to the next level. In this course, we’ll cover everything you need to know to launch your e-commerce business. We’ll look into different business models, choosing the right audience, validating your ideas, and managing cashflow. With a little planning, I’ll help make sure that you don’t just have an e-commerce business, but a business that’s profitable and defensible. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to launch your own store so you can share your great idea with the world.


I share the best tips to help you run a successful e-commerce business.

– Running an online store can be incrediblyexciting. You’re sending products directly to people who want them so they can enjoy them and make their lives richer. But before you open an e-commerce store, you need to do three things. You need to choose an e-commerce business model. You need to choose who you’re going to sell to. And based on your previous choices, you need to choose a specific product to sell. The best place to start is by evaluatingdifferent business models. Some of them, like drop shipping, are very easy to get into and requirezero startup capital. Others like manufacturing require a huge investment of your time and money upfront, but give you other advantages down the line. My goal is to help you find the model that works best for you. This could be about maximizing profit, about defensibilityand building a business to last decades, or about how easily and quickly you want to get started. It’s easy to copy what someone else is doing,

Choose a Business Model.

How to choose an ecommerce model
White labeling and private labeling
Digital 1.6
Handcraft products1.7
Business model examples 1.8
Vertical 1.9.

Industry and Persona Research.

Choose an industry 2.1
Create a persona 2.2
Uncover pain points 2.3

Product Selection

Come up with a lot of ideas 3.1 .
When you should protect your ideas 3.2..
Product development is critical 3.3
Validate your product idea 3.4..
Expand and retire product lines 3.5..

Establish Your Business

Register your business 4.1.
Register for permits and sales tax 4.2.
Create your brand 4.3.

Sell Your Product

Create your own store 5.1..
Sell on marketplaces 5.2..

Attract Customers

Create and optimize content 6.1.
Social, display, and shop ads 6.2.
Collect and promote social proof 6.3.
Participate in industry events 6.4.
Competitive research 6.5.

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