Drawing an owl on an old upcycled skateboard

Sketching, drawing and detailing owl an artwork on an old upcycled skateboard

What you will learn

The pencil sketch

Adding the outline

Adding shading and highlights

Finishing and varnishing


Starting from a basic pencil sketch on the old upcycled skateboard deck, to Inking the outline with a paint marker, shading and adding highlights to bring out the details to finishing it off with acrylic gloss lacquer to protect and make it look amazing

How to sketch the basic form of an owl from top to bottom using a pencil and a measured centre line

Then draw the main outline, thicken the lines in certain areas to enhance the form using black paint markers

Use shading and smudging to darken certain parts and create a more three dimensional image

Adding lots of intricate details, triangles, lines and dots to create lots of repetitive patterns

Use white highlights with a paint marker to bring out the patterns and enhance the details to really make them pop

Finally protect the owl artwork on the old upcycled skateboard using spray acrylic gloss lacquer to really bring out the colours and make it look professional. A few coats are needed to fully protect it.

Hopefully, this course should give the basic skills to draw your own owl, eagle, wolf or whatever you want onto a skateboard or some other item – there’s no rules as to what you can draw and paint on





Course Videos

Part 1 – Measure and draw a centre line on the skateboard
Part 2 – Sketching the eyes and beak
Part 3 – Sketching the ears and head
Part 4 – Drawing the body and tail shape
Part 5 – Drawing the feet and design lines
Part 6 – Starting the outline
Part 7 – Drawing in the main outline
Part 8 – Thickening the outline to define the form
Part 9 – Shading and smudging
Part 10 – Adding highlights to really bring out the details
Part 11 – Adding lots of little patterns and details
Part 12 – Final touches and protecting with acrylic gloss lacquer

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