Discover Your Career Path & Land a Job You Love in 12 Weeks

Innovative Career Path Discovery, Job Search, LinkedIn Profile, Resume, Networking, & Interviewing Strategies

What you will learn

Discover your best career path and the specific industries, organizations, and jobs that fit your particular skills & interests

Create a compelling brand and develop “Next Gen” marketing collateral that gets noticed by recruiters and hiring managers

Learn unconventional networking & job search strategies that land the interviews that you want

Optimize interview skills to land more job offers

Find out the salary negotiation techniques that can increase compensation by 10-15%

Learn job search secrets that avoid job boards and Applicant Tracking Systems


Over 7,000 hours of professional career coaching experience is poured into this Masterclass to help you:

1. Discover an Ideal Career Path that Fits Your Skills & Interests

2. Conduct an Effective Job Search & Stand Out from the Competition

3. Get Noticed by Hiring Managers & Score More Interviews

4. Land the Job Offers You Want (& Negotiate More Compensation)


This high-production value Masterclass contains over 80 downloadable tools, templates, exercises, and samples of work with 141 short and to-the-point video lessons GEARED TOWARD THE US JOB MARKET.

It offers the professional guidance of a Master Career Coach who’s worked with over 1,000 clients to help you easily build “next-gen” resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that work in the pandemic market, as well as innovative, cutting-edge career marketing documents that will get you noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

You’ll get all the expert guidance, strategies, tools, tips, and resources offered in a live multi-thousand-dollar career coaching package – only at a fraction of the price.

Common outcomes include more confidence, greater professional fulfillment, and thousands of dollars of incremental salary, bonuses, and benefits.

This Masterclass is heads and tails better than other typical resume and LinkedIn development classes and your return on investment will be truly exponential. Take this Masterclass and go from chasing jobs to being a sought-after pro!


Masterclass Overview: The Four Courses of CareerMastery!
Pre-Work Overview
Time Management
Staying Productive
Defining What You Want
Goals & Measurable Results
Mental Preparation
Getting Out of Your Own Way
Uncovering Limiting Beliefs
Moving Past Limiting Beliefs
Overcoming Doubts, Blindsides, and Uncertainty
The Personal Mantra
Building a Sustainable Support System
Getting Your Confidence Back
Minimizing Distractions & Interruptions
How to Develop Better Habits
Conquering the Money Monster
Clearing a Path to Success


Course 1: Career Path Discovery Overview
The Job Search Toolkit
Identifying Target Business Sectors
Evaluating Target Organizations
Assessing Potential Roles
Marketing Keywords
Staying Accountable
Finding Your Core “Whys”
Defining Passions
Vision Statement: Starting with the End in Mind
The Power of Vision Journaling
Determining Your Core Values
Articulating Your Key Skills
Assessing Alternatives & Possibilities
Identifying Your “Must Haves”
Defining Your Ideal Job
Determining Where You Fit
Crossing Over to New Industries & Roles
Beyond Corporate
Role Evaluation Deep Dive
Action Planning
Course 1 Summary


Course 2: Branding & Collateral Overview
Discovering the Problems You Love to Solve
Creating a Custom Value Proposition
Developing a Compelling Elevator Pitch
The Four Tier Branding Statement
How to Write a Killer Resume
Resume: Contact Information
Resume: Title & Subtitles
Resume: Summary Section
Resume: Key Skills & Core Competencies
Resume: Areas of Expertise
Resume: Career Highlights
Resume: Professional Experience
Resume: Education & Professional Organizations
Avoiding Cliches & Overused Terms
Resume Versions
Compelling Cover Letters
How to Build an All-Star LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn: Images
LinkedIn: Headline
Linked: About Section
LinkedIn: Experience Section
LinkedIn: Skills Section
LinkedIn: Recommendations
LinkedIn: Articles
Course 2 Summary


Course 3: Next Gen Job Search and Networking Strategy Overview
Getting into Action
Mastering the Digital Jungle
Understanding How Organizations Think & Hire
The Best Way to Apply to Online Jobs
Getting Past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
Targeting Your Job Search
Researching Industries
Researching Companies
Finding Mavens & Connectors Who Can Help You
Using Social Media in Your Search
Executive Recruiters
Connecting with Recruiters
Reaching Out to Human Resources (HR)
Staffing Agencies
Job Application Follow-up
Unconventional Job Search Strategies
Hand Deliver Your Resume
Send a Personalized Video
Email the CEO
Tap Your Alumni Network
Express Mail Your Resume
Send a Handwritten Note
Creating Your Own Job
The Networking Brief
Get LinkedIn Referrals
How to Use a Networking Brief
How to Make Networking Fun
How to Build a High-Quality Network
Online Networking
Getting Referrals
Getting Noticed By Target Companies
How to Initiate Conversations


Course 4: Interviewing, Closing, & Transition Overview
Phone Screen Interviews
In-Person Interviews
Panel Interviews
Video Interviews
Technical Interviews
Interview Assessment Tests
How to Practice for Interviews
Types of Interview Questions
Using the STAR Method to Create Credibility
Situational Interview Questions
Behavioral Interview Questions
Case Study Questions
Common Interview Questions
Interview Preparation
Delivering an Impressive Opening Statement
Staying Sharp During Interviews
Asking Good Questions
Thank You Emails
Interview Coaching Offer
The Professional Dossier
How to Use a Professional Dossier
The 90-Day Plan
The Mindmap of Skills
Presenting Your Interview Deck
The Interview Presentation
Closing the Deal & Decision Making
Staying Determined
Taking to the Phone
Salary Negotiation
Red Flags
Deciding on an Offer
Deciding on Multiple Offers
Employment Contracts
Exiting Gracefully
Handling a Lay-Off
Severance Negotiation
Starting Off on The Right Foot
Course 4 Summary


1:1 Career Coaching Offer

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