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Get More High Paying Clients & Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency with Help from a Marketing Executive & Data Research!

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Digital Marketing Agency

Professional Service Marketing

Growing Your Digital Marketing Agency


This is the ultimate course on growing your digital marketing agency & getting more clients. I worked for a digital marketing agency for 5 years. I also worked as an independent consultant. As a global marketing manager for Sony, I worked with some of the top marketing agencies in the world including Digitas, Mediacom, and Publicis. I taught college level digital marketing and I have an MBA from the top business school for marketing–the Kellogg School of Management. This is where the father of marketing Philip Kotler teaches.

But this course is not just based on my own anecdotal experience in a digital marketing agency. It’s also based on academic research and advice I received from some of the world’s top consultants–partners at firms like Accenture and McKinsey–the companies that have been buying up digital marketing agencies lately.

I’m going to teach you:

  • How to get more clients for your digital marketing agency
  • How to get more high-paying clients
  • How to grow your digital marketing gency
  • How to write cold emails and ads to get clients
  • How to write digital marketing proposals
  • How to create a client-acquisition funnel
  • How to convince clients to hire you
  • How to price your digital marketing agency services

One of the most important things to remember is that in this course you can ask me questions. So if you feel anything at all is missing, I will fill that gap by answering your personally.

This course is for people who work in digital marketing agencies that are large or small, including independent marketing consultants and contractors.

Let’s start get started!




Growing Your Digital Marketing Agency

Professional Service

Specialists 1

Specialists 2

Choosing a Specialty [Workbook]

Assignment – Trusted Advisor

Assignment – Selling Outcomes

Research 1

Research 2

Assignment – Research

Getting Clients with Cold Email 1

Getting Clients with Cold Email 2

Getting Clients with Cold Email 3

Assignment – Cold Email

Getting Clients with LinkedIn Ads

Getting Clients with a Facebook Ad + Ebook

Getting Clients with Video Ads on LinkedIn

Assignment – Mid Funnel Offers

Getting Clients with Direct Mail

Getting Clients with Partnerships

Other Ways to Get Clients

Persuading Clients 1

Persuading Clients 2

More Ways to Get Clients

Getting Clients with Funnel Content


Proposals 1

Proposals 2

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