Dialogue in Dilemma- Power of Communication

To understand the significance of communication

What you will learn

Define the Dialogue

Define the Dilemma

Identify the interrelation between Dialogue and Dilemma

Compose the significance of Dialogue towards conflict resoluton.


There is a strong need to have positive dialogue during any conflict in and out as well as in dilemma. “The existence of activists on the issue who are ‘tired of talking,’ who consequently don’t participate in the dialogue, but who subsequently resist action ideas generated in the deliberation.”

This dilemma rings very true to me. Depending on the topic, I can be very tired of talking, and feel high levels of frustration and cynicism when the talk does not lead anywhere aside from a report in a desk drawer or in an attached document deep in an inbox. Even more frustrating is the realization that the talk was heard by folks who had already made up their minds about what needed to be done. This frustration has definitely led to occasional reticence to participate, and suspicion of the ideas generated in such discussions.

Healthy dialogue is extremely important to strengthen and expand cooperation in the community and one of the main ways of resolving conflicts is communication between people. This is the most common method and includes talks.

It is important to prepare a suitable environment for dialogue; while dialogue is often confused with other forms of discourse, it belongs in a distinctive category of its own; it doesn’t involve arguing for a point of view, as debates, it’s not a method of reaching agreement or taking decisions as negotiation, it does not only emerge when participants trust and respect each other, interrupt their judgments, and listen to all points of view, as discussions. So it is important to find a mutual or common ground between the parties in the community, for example, talking about exciting things for both sides, and should be carried out with a focus on a win-win solution. The methods of dialogue involve the interaction of collective individuals; in daily life, conflicts can be resolved through dialogue and various types of communication. And to ensure that positive results of such activities are achieved; must be achieved.

Course Objectives:

First, to ensure objective consideration of controversial issues;

Second, free discussion of all the positions and points of view in the presence of equal opportunities to participate in the discussion of each subject;

Third, design and discuss the results in the form of recommendations, summarizing reveal the identity of views and positions on other issues. Throughout the community dialogue, a variety of activities will be used to foster community collaboration. These activities will engage stakeholders/partners at all levels, break down silos, drive innovation, and institute partnerships and collaboration among a variety of community stakeholders to work together to define a unanimous project scope, roles, and responsibilities.

The aim of the dialogue is to share information, find mutual thoughts, and recognize existing links between different relations and various extents of cooperation. The dialogue should be smoothly flexible, according to the context, and conducted within the structure, in the appropriate format and level, including regional, sub-regional or national levels, regional and sub-regional organizations, as well as representatives of NGOs, should be bound by this dialogue in order to achieve the good well in the community first and then to create a good nation-state. Good governance should strengthen the internal and external ties of the Parties and make a fundamental constituent of this dialogue. Finally, the expansion of social dialogue and covering most socioeconomic problems is a sign of the prevailing model of social partnership; because over time the practice of social dialogue will overcome limits; resolve purely people relations and conflicts.





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