Designing Massive Mech in 3D Coat

Learn hard-surface concept modeling and sculpting with voxels

What you will learn

How to start with a rough 3D voxel sketch and finish with a cool design


Start on a comprehensive journey into the intricacies of designing a sophisticated robot within 3DCoat with this in-depth tutorial.

The process unfolds from an initial rough 3D sketch, gradually evolving into a meticulously articulated and posable assembly. Notably, significant emphasis is placed on crafting proper joints for various segments of the robot model, ensuring a realistic construction.
Comprising a total of 44 video chapters, this tutorial is structured to provide concise yet thorough explanations, with the majority featuring quick 3-5 minute tool demonstrations. Additionally, time-lapses accelerated to 4 times real-time speed, are used to efficiently guide you through more extensive sections of the tutorial.

Drawing on a rich two-year experience of using 3D Coat daily, the instructor shares extensive insights into maximizing the software’s potential while maintaining awareness of bugs and common issues.


This knowledge serves to empower you with a nuanced understanding of the software’s capabilities and challenges, fostering a well-rounded mastery.

As a bonus, the tutorial includes a promotional code for access to a photo pack featuring a Gundam Robot statue in Tokyo. Serving as both an original inspiration and reference for the tutorial, the code, along with project files, hotkey lists, and the robot model, is conveniently located in the first lecture.

Part One

Interface Essentials
Starting with the Mannequine
Enhancing The Body
Trying Different Helmet Designs
Helmet Clean Up with Vox Hide
Move Tool to Change Helmet Shape
Creating Hierarchy and Managing Layers
Splitting the Torso
Refining Chest Plate
Timelapse – Torso Clean up
Joints – Shoulders and Hips
Joints – Elbows and Knees
Timelapse – Body Clean Up
Quick Progress Overview

Part Two

Isolating Different Body Parts With Multiple Layers
Through All Volumes Pose Move and Hide
Refining and Instancing Fingers
Instancing for Feet with Double X Symmetry
Timelapse – Working on the Feet
Foot Joints Mechanics
Transparency Hack
Parts Reusability
Timelapse – Shaping Body Parts
Progress Overview

Part Three

Spine and Hip Joints
Timelapse – Body Shaping
Adjustable Symmetry
Renaming Script
Scene Optimization with Proxies
Vox Layer Tool
Timelapse – Splitting Parts
Edge Smoothing
Timelapse – Detailing

Part Four

Building Hierarchy for Posing
Timelapse – Hierarchy
Naming for Export
Timelapse – Renaming
Posing Preparations
Timelapse – Posing
Exporting Large Model
Rendering in Keyshot
Postprocessing in Photoshop
Final Thoughts

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