Data structure and algorithms for interviews

Ace your Tech Interviews

What you will learn

Understand patterns behind common coding interview question

Time and Space Complexity of Data Structures and Algorithms

Solutions to problem discussed

Code for solutions in Python


Covers around 200+ most popular coding interview problems ranging from a variety of topics

  • Two Pointers
    • Easy
      • Pair with Target Sum
      • Remove Duplicates
      • Squaring a Sorted Array
    • Medium
      • Triplet Sum to Zero
      • Triplet Sum Close to Target
      • Triplets with Smaller Sum
      • Subarrays with Product Less than a Target
      • Dutch National Flag Problem
  • Fast & Slow Pointers
    • Easy
      • Middle of the LinkedList
      • LinkedList Cycle
    • Medium
      • Start of LinkedList Cycle
      • Happy Numbers
  • Bitwise Manipulation
    • Single Numbers
    • Single Number II
    • Single Number III
    • Flipping the image
  • Sliding Window
    • Easy
      • Maximum Sum Subarray of Size K
      • Smallest Subarray With a Greater Sum
    • Medium
      • Longest Substring with maximum K Distinct Characters
      • Fruits into Baskets
    • Hard
      • Longest Substring with Distinct Characters
      • Longest Substring with Same Letters after Replacement
      • Longest Subarray with Ones after Replacement
  • Arrays
    • Medium
      • Group Anagrams
    • Hard
      • Trapping Rain Water
  • Merge Intervals
    • Medium
      • Intervals Intersection
      • Conflicting Appointments
  • Linked List
    • Easy
      • Reverse a Linked List
    • Medium
      • Reverse a sub list
      • Reverse a k-element sub list
  • Two Heaps
    • Medium
      • Find the median of a number stream
    • Hard
      • Maximum Capital
      • Sliding Window Median
  • Top k elements
    • Easy
      • Top ‘K’ Numbers
      • Kth Smallest Number
      • ‘K’ Closest Points to the Origin
      • Connect Ropes
    • Medium
      • Top ‘K’ Frequent Numbers
      • Frequency Sort
      • Kth Largest Number in a Stream
      • ‘K’ Closest Numbers
      • Maximum Distinct Elements
      • Sum of Elements
    • Hard
      • Rearrange String
  • K-way merge
  • Binary Search
  • Greedy Technique
  • Backtracking
  • 1D Dynamic programing
  • 2D Dynamic programing
  • Cyclic Sort
  • Topological Sort
  • Stacks
  • Queues
  • Depth First Search
  • Breadth First Search
  • Trie
  • Hash Maps
  • Math Tricks
  • Miscellaneous


Two Pointers

Idea of Two pointers and types of two pointers solutions
Two Sum
Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array
3 Sum

Fast Flow Pointers

Linked List Cycle using Floyd’s Cycle Detection Algorithm
Happy Numbers

Bitwise Manipulation

Single Number
Flipping an Image

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