Create your trading bot WITHOUT coding – Tutorial 2022!

Master the creation and sale of trading bots WITHOUT CODING in 5 days and generate your first PASSIVE INCOME!

What you will learn

Create your own custom trading robot without coding!

Mastering money management to reduce the risks on your capital.

Learn how to create complex robots using trailing stop loss, double take profit or even a dynamic reallocation process

Create robots based on technical indicator strategies or chartist figures!

Understand the main technical indicators in trading

Generate passive income by renting your trading robots on BullTrading!


Welcome to this tutorial on how to create your trading robot without coding!

The only course you need to take your trading to the next level simply and quickly. After helping over 60,000 students, and with the help of their feedback, I have developed this course to help you create your robots without spending MONTHS (or even years) learning to code!

With over 5 trading bots detailed from A to Z (without any line of code), this course is unique on the Udemy platform. Even if you’re starting from scratch, with no skills in the financial world, you’ll have the ability to create and sell your trading robots to generate substantial passive income.

And here’s why:

  • This course was created by an experienced trader, algorithmic trading specialist and co-founder of the platform we will be using throughout the course (BullTrading).
  • This course has been updated in 2022 with the latest information from the BullTrading platform.
  • As you can see in the program, no point is left out! We go into great detail about the financial concepts and platform details needed to create and optimize trading robots.
  • We have already taught algorithmic trading to over 60,000 students.
  • You will save over $1718.60 (the average price of an online trading course is about $1918.60. Calculated from the top 5 day trading courses according to Investopedia) and this is for taking a unique course on an even more unique tool.
  • The content of the course is constantly updated to respond to any updates to the BullTrading platform and to add new content to the course (applications and new modules suggested by the students)
  • One of the most responsive supports. If you have a question, we answer it in less than 24 hours so you can continue your learning without any problem.

We go step by step through the intricacies of trading, money management, creating and selling trading robots and much more!

Through this course we will study different topics, all of which are essential to generate your first passive income through trading!

Here are the points we will study:

  • Full explanation of the BullTrading platform
  • Learning the fundamentals of trading
  • Understanding money management (the skill that allows us to preserve our trading capital)
  • Creating trading robots without coding
  • Renting trading robots to increase passive income
  • Combine trading robots to optimize your investment
  • Many examples of trading robots created from BullTrading to understand how to apply your knowledge

Here’s what our students say about us on Udemy:

– “Really, thank you! I don’t have the words. $19.99 for this amazing content. It’s a gift.

– “Thank you so much, I learned a lot in just 6H! You are the best!”

– “This course helped me learn how statistics relate to real world trading problems

– “Excellent explanation of concepts and how to implement them! Thank you

– “The lesson really focused on applying what was taught, and only taught us enough to start creating our algo trading program. It did not go into depth on the technical aspects, which I appreciate, as it gave me a clearer vision of what I want to achieve with my program. This is not to say that the lessons were insufficient, which is not the case since he only taught us what was needed at the time. Perhaps a minor improvement would be to add an appendix of lessons for the in-depth elements, but I don’t think that is necessary.”

You have nothing to lose…  We are offering you the opportunity to get your money back up to 30 days after purchasing this course!

So what are you waiting for to create your first trading robots without coding and generate passive income through trading?




How to read this course?
Who is this training for? –> For everyone!
Financial Risk Warning
Is there any equipment required?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Understand the basics of trading

Purpose of the section
Trading: definition and explanation
Understand the candlesticks
The trading analysis panel
Types of trading
What equipment is required?
What capital to start with?
Determine your investor profile
Make a trading plan
Example – Trading Plan
Position parameters – The volume
Position parameters – Take profit & Stop loss
Understand leverage
Focus on trading fees
Spot market vs. futures market
Perpetual futures

Getting started with the BullTrading platform

Purpose of the Section
Global presentation of BullTrading
How to set up the platform in less than 10 minutes
Step 1 – Focus on the BullTrading token (BLT)
Step 2 – Link your Binance or Bybit account to BullTrading
Step 3 – How to use a trading bot? + Create a CUSTOMIZED trading bot portfolio!
BLT staking – How to generate additional passive income and reduce your fees?
Introduction to BullTrading’s strategy editor

Understand BullTrading’s strategy editor

Guided tour
Focus on the strategy designer
The indicator creator (Not covered in this course)
Catalog of strategies
Access to the document

Application 1 – Create your first trading robot (+511% on BTC/USDT)

Purpose of the section
Explanation of indicator – Moving average
Strategy explanation
Creating your first trading robot
Reminder – How your robot reads the trading strategy?

Analyze a backtest to find the best trading robot

Purpose of the section
The strength of BullTrading’s backtest!
Return vs. drawdown
Market exposure
Understanding advanced statistics
Graph analysis
Complete backtest analysis

Application 2 – Strategy with take profit and stop loss (+316% on BTC/USDT)

Purpose of the section
Explanation of indicator – Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Strategy explanation
Strategy building
Analysis of the strategy backtest
Strategy optimization ( AAVE/USDT, +819% !!!)

Risk and money management

Purpose of the section
Compound Interest – Explanation
Compound interest – The dark side
Risk per trade
Stop loss objective and placement
Consider volatility
Optimal calculation of the risk allocation
Trailing stop loss
Diversification – The ultimate weapon

Live Trading + Trading bot portfolio

Introduction + Reminder of the BullTrading installation process
Reminder – Step 1 installation process – BLTs
Reminder – Step 2 installation process – API key connection
Put our trading bots into production
Create a CUSTOMIZED portfolio of trading robots!

Generate PASSIVE INCOME with BullTrading

Purpose of the section
Rent your trading robot!
BLT’s Staking

Application 3 – Double take profit strategy (+2261% on ETH/USDT)

Purpose of the section
Explanation indicator – Vortex
Explaining the strategy in detail
Strategy building
Backtest analysis

Application 4 – Strategy with trailing stop loss (+764% on LINK/USDT)

Purpose of the section
Explanation of the used indicator
Strategy explanation (Focus on the Trailing stop loss exit signal)
Creating a strategy with trailing stop loss
Backtest analysis

Application 5 – Dynamic reallocation (Scalping, DOGE/USDT, +3329%)

Purpose of the section
Explanation indicator – The effectiveness of the Doji
Details of the strategy used
Strategy building
Backtest analysis

Go further!

Module 1: Explanation of 10 indicators + configuration on BullTrading
Module 2: Join the community!

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