Create a Flappy Bird game on Android for Beginners/Unity& C#

What you will learn


Create a simple game in unity


Learn basic c# coding


Learn the basics of the unity game engine


Starting strong in the game development field


Make a simple mobile game


Learn basic game logic


Add Points to reward player


Create animations


Create basic physics for your characters


This course is designed to ensure that you learn the fundamentals of Unity mobile Game development specifically we’ll be making a flappy bird android game.


Things you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Basic Unity Animation and when to tell our game to start animating

  2. Understanding how physics and Rigidbodies work in Unity

  3. Understanding how variables and functions work in C#

  4. Adding a basic score system

  5. learning how to add buttons and making a full main menu

  6. putting a timer and then Spawning in items when the timer finishes

  7. and finally building and exporting your game to android

as well as you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of how things work in unity and understanding how to make a simple game like what we’ll be making in this course a flappy bird game which is yes really simple… but you learn a lot from it as a beginner in game making.


Who this course is for:


  • this course is for someone who just started using unity and doesn’t know much but would like to have a deeper knowledge of what unity is how to use it to the full extent and learn the C# programming language and basic coding concepts

  • This course is NOT for how is advanced in unity it will only waste your time





Downloading and Installing Unity (Optional)
Getting to know the UI
An Understanding of how things work
Variable Quick explanation

Making our game

Adding in sprites and basic code
Adding Pipes/Obstacles
Changing pipes’ position randomly
Main Menu
Score System
Building your game to android


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