Construction Management Foundations

Learn How to be a Professional Construction Manager

What you will learn

Overview Details of Modern Construction Industry

Components of the Construction Team

Roles of the Construction Manager

Understanding Technology Used in Construction


For the term “construction management” is applied to the provision of professional management services to the owner of a construction project with the objective of achieving high quality at market average cost or best at minimum cost. Such services may encompass only a defined portion of the construction program, such as field construction, or they may include total project responsibility.

Construction management services can be performed for the owner for a stipulated fee by a range of firms, including design firms, contractors, and professional construction managers. Such services range from merely coordinating contractors during the construction phase to broad‐scale responsibilities over project planning and design, project organization, design document review, construction scheduling, value engineering, field cost monitoring, and other management services.

Best selection of the construction manager by the owner is sometimes accomplished by a best‐value approach, including both fee and qualifications as bases for contract awards. Usually, however, the construction management arrangement is considered to be a professional services contract and is negotiated. These contracts normally provide for a fixed fee plus reimbursement of management costs.

As changes in the modern construction industry have increased the demand for trained and qualified construction managers and expanding the role. With more emphasis on an integrated approach to project delivery. This is the opposite of the design, bidding, and old construction guidelines. There is a real need for construction professionals who know not only how to do it in the field but also how to do it. But there is also a solid understanding of construction, science, and design in their toolkit.

Whether you’re a skilled worker in the construction industry looking to change roles or a new construction manager trying to get in the way.

This course will provide you with meaningful insights into this important and evolving industry and your role in it, you will learn how the integrated project delivery method works, how technology shakes up old processes, and how lean productivity is used in construction sites.



Construction Overview

Construction Industry Overview
Construction Industry in Details

From Idea to Hand Off to Owner

From Starting
Moving from Idea to Design Process
Process of Building the Structure
Process of Hand Off to the Owner

Roles of the Construction Manager

Construction Team
Constructon Manager Duties

Final Thought

How to Become a Construction Manager

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