Conscious Awakening

10 Steps To Consciously Raise Your Vibration

What you will learn

Activate and strengthen your divine connection with all that is real/ your true Self through the 10 steps

Discover how to tell the difference between your intuition and the voice of the ego

Access your unlimited potential as a powerful creator

Eliminate the totality of your unconsciousness/ all that isn’t real

Trust your inner knowing

Consciously create your own reality

Align with your natural state of being

Awaken the essence of being alive through Awareness, Attention, Presence

Express your authentic Self

Decide what you engage in

Thrive in your natural flow state

Uncover the end of all resistance

Focus on your own evolution and growth


What is Conscious Awakening?

It is consciously choose to dissolve into lightawaken to who you truly are.

The truth is NOT what sets you free.

It is your freedom from your false self/ego that sets you free—

for it is what creates duality,

a false reality,

the veil that separates you from totality.


It is to consciously surrender to the light of consciousness/ your true Self and allow it to guide your way instead of figuring your way out in the darkness.



Embark on the transformative and enlightening journey of Conscious Awakening where you will discover how you can live life more consciously, with greater awareness and fulfilment by consciously choosing to evolve and expand your consciousness.

This course is designed with the intention to empower those who are ready, with essential consciousness skills so as to guide you on how you can eliminate the totality of your unconsciousness (ego driven by your fears and manifests as lies) by surrendering to the light of absolute consciousness aka your true Self.

This is done through the 10 steps of Conscious Awakening that are categorised into 4 stages: Foundation, Breakthrough, Transformation and Embodiment, for ease of understanding.

As a vessel for the light of consciousness— the gateway to all there is and ever will be, I present the Conscious Awakening course which is a manifestation of divine inspiration to guide those who are ready to consciously evolve, raise their vibration and be who they came here to be by learning how to access the light of consciousness aka your true Self.

PS: The duration of the course may seem “short” , for the purpose is to activate the 10 Keys/Steps within you, but it up to you to consciously apply them in your daily life— for only then, will you experience the true power of Conscious Awakening!

With love, blessings & gratitude,

Nisha aka L.A.M.P


ૐ The 4 states of Consciousness
Overview of the 10 Steps


Step 1: Connect to your intuition
Step 2: The guidance within
Step 3: You are a powerful creator
Step 4: Make conscious decisions


Step 5: Be alive


Step 6: Express your authentic self
Step 7: Setting boundaries
Step 8: Unlimited potential
Step 9: Releasing expectations


Step 10: Shine your light



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