Comprehensive UK Personal Finance Training

Comprehensive UK Personal Finance Training
Investing, Taxes, Pensions, Homes, Childcare, Borrowing, Sharia Financing, Retirement, Estates

What you will learn

Personal finance 101 from budgeting to investing

Managing your finances

Investments options available in the UK

Managing your pensions and retirement planning

Overview of the UK tax system & managing your taxes

Government home buying schemes available in the UK

Government backed childcare schemes

Borrowing schemes and credit ratings

Planning for after life

Government pension scheme


Welcome to the Comprehensive UK Personal Finance Training course. I believe this is the only comprehensive course covering personal finance in the UK. In this course you will learn everything you need to know about UK personal finance. I have avoided prescriptions that are normally seen on other materials since I understand every situation is different. In this course I will take you through the basics of personal finance and cover things in detail as they apply to the UK. This course is based on my wide UK financial services experience and my personal investing knowledge. I am sure once you have done the course you will be equipped to make your own financial decisions such as investing, pensions, retirement planning, estates planning, budgeting, managing borrowings and many more other things.

I have used real life examples as they apply to the UK. I avoided making this course broad so that if you are in the UK you will derive the most value. I have also added some key things such as childcare schemes, home purchase schemes, a comprehensive overview of the UK tax system, how to protect yourself from fraud. I hope you will derive a lot of value from taking on this course.

Course Structure


I will start by giving you an introduction to investing, and various types of investment products, before moving to pension products. In pensions, I will explain to you the various types of pensions such as workplace, private, government and public sector pension schemes. I will show you how to hold the investments and how to manage them. In the next sections I will talk about investment strategies, debt management & credit ratings. Will the give you an overview of the UK tax system and how to manage your taxes. Afterwards I will take you through the government schemes for home buying and childcare support. I have also included a section for Sharia Financing if it applies to you, or you would like to learn more about it. I have another section on protecting your wealth from fraud, then lastly I share with you some useful personal finance materials, books, magazines and podcasts.



Course Animation Video
Opening words & navigating the course

Chapter 1 – Investing and Investment products

Overview of section & why you need money
Why should you invest?
Time Value of Money Principle
How does stock markets work?
Understanding Present Values, Future Values & Opportunity costs
EXAMPLE – Simple Calculation of Investment returns
Relative Returns
Stock Market Indices
Different categories of investors
Quick introduction to investment products
1. Cash Savings
2. Bonds – Government & Corporate bonds
3. Equities – Quick introduction
3. Equities – Grocery Example – Year 1
3. Equities – Grocery Example – Year 2
3. Equities – Grocery Example – Year 3
3. Equities – Grocery Example – Other Accounting Transactions
3. Equities – Grocery Example – Registering a company & listing
3. Equities – TESCO CASE STUDY – Introduction
3. Equities – Quantitative Analysis of companies
3. Equities – Qualitative Analysis of companies
3. Equities – Other Investment Considerations
3. Equities – Understanding company sectors
3. Equities – Understanding Corporate Events
Investment Funds – Introduction
4. Investment Trusts – What is It?
4. Investment Trusts – LIVE EXAMPLE
4. Investment Trusts – Choosing a fund to invest
5. Unit Trusts
6. Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)
7. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
8. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
HIGH RISK – Contract for Differences (CFDs)
HIGH RISK – Spread Betting
HIGH RISK – Foreign Currency (FX) Trading
HIGH RISK – Commodities
HIGH RISK – (PLEASE AVOID) – Binary Options
HIGH RISK – Cryptocurrencies
How the FCA & BoE Ensures your assets are safe
Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
Resolving Issues with your provider
Last words

Chapter 2 – Pensions

Introduction to section
What is a pensions?
Workplace Pensions – Defined Benefit pension schemes
Workplace Pensions – Introduction
Workplace Pensions – In practise
Workplace Pensions – Important Things to Do
Workplace Pensions – Changing Employers
Personal Pensions – SIPP – Self Invested Pension Plans
GPP & Small administered pension schemes
Pension Tax reliefs & Allowances
Taking your pension – SIPP & Occupational Pensions Only
Public Sector Pension Schemes
State Pension Schemes
Planning for your retirement
Where to Get FREE HELP on Pensions
Mini – Frequently Asked Questions on Pensions
Investment Account Opening Illustration
Last words

Chapter 3 – Investment Wrappers

Introduction to tax and non-tax wrappers
Overview of 4 Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
Cash ISAs
Stocks and shares ISA
Lifetime Individual Savings Account (LISA)
Innovative Finance ISA
General Investment Account (GIA)
Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP)
Junior ISA
Simple Investment Options – Robo-advisors
Simple Investment Options – Pre-made Investment Models
Important Considerations when choosing an investment provider
Transferring ISAs, JISAs, LISAs & SIPPs between providers
What happens to wrappers when you move abroad
What happens to ISAs when you die
Last words

Chapter 4 – Investing in Gold

Introduction on buying gold
Overview of gold, advantages & disadvantages to owning gold
How gold is measured
How and where to buy gold
Storing your gold
Other indirect ways of holding physical gold
Other alternative precious metals
Last words

Chapter 5 – Investment strategy and portfolio

Introduction on portfolio and investment strategy
What is investment strategy
Choosing an investment strategy
Asset allocation, what it is and what it means for you
Diversification of your portfolio
Rebalancing of your portfolio
Warren Buffet Case study
When should you sell an asset
Tools for monitoring your portfolio
Section conclusion

Chapter 6 – Borrowing and debt management

Introduction to borrowing
Overview of borrowing & borrowing statistics
How does borrowing work
Introduction to interest rates
Bank of England (BOE) – Bank rate
Understanding Interest rate – Simple Interest
Understanding Interest rate – Compound Interest
Understanding Interest rate – Fixed Interest
Understanding Interest rate – Variable Interest Rate
Understanding Interest rate – Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
Understanding Interest rate – Representative APR
Understanding Interest rate – Annual Percentage Rate of Change (APRC)
Understanding Interest rate – Promotional Interest Rate
Understanding Interest rate – Annual Equivalent Rate (AER)
What determines the interest you pay
Personal Loans
Credit cards
Credit Sales
Credit Union Loans
Hire Purchase
Home Credit (Doorstep Loans)
Mortgage Loans
Equity Release Loans
Sharia Mortgage Loans
Mail Order Catalogues
Payday Loans
Logbook Loans
Pawn Broker Loans
UK student Loans
Motor vehicle finance – cash, hire purchase, PCP etc
33. Key Considerations when buying cars. MOT. Road Tax & Vehicle Insurance
IMPORTANT BEWARE of Guarantor Loans
How to minimise debts
STRUGGLING WITH DEBT – Actions to take
DEBT FREE – Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps
Finding Good Borrowing Deals
STRUGGLING – Where to find help
Last words

Chapter 7 – Credit rating demystified

Introduction to credit rating
What is a credit score?
UK Top 4 credit rating agencies
Obtaining your free annual statutory credit report
How to boost your credit score
Benefits of a good credit score
Myths & truths of credit scores
Section conclusion

Chapter 8 – Death and estate planning

Introduction to section
Overview & Statistics
Lasting power of attorney
Making a Will
Dying without a Will
Executors and administrators
Prepaid funeral plans
Life assurances
Travel Insurance
Inheritance taxes
Age UK Lifebook
Last words

Chapter 9 – Overview of UK Tax System

Introduction to section
Overview of UK Tax System & Statistics
Income Taxes – Introduction
Income Taxes – Tax Allowances & Reliefs for individuals
Income Taxes – PAYE Tax Codes
Income Taxes – PAYE Tax Forms, P60, P45 & P11D
Income Taxes – Self Assessments & Paper returns
Income Taxes – Online Tax Accounts creation & Online Self Assessments
Income Taxes – Payment of Taxes to HMRC
National Insurance (NI) Contributions – Individuals & companies
Income Taxes – Online Tax Calculators
Capital Gains Tax (CGT) – Introduction
Capital Gains Tax (CGT) – Allowances & Reliefs
Capital Gains Tax (CGT) – Calculation & Payment
Land & Building Transaction Tax (LBTT) – SCOTLAND
Land Transaction Tax (LTT) – WALES
Council Taxes
Inheritance Taxes in brief
Corporation Taxes, Annual Tax Returns & Registering Companies
Value Added Tax (VAT) Overview
Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)
Customs Duties
Excise Duties & Examples
Air Passenger Duty
Section Conclusion

Chapter 10 – Financial, Tax & Legal professional advice

Introduction to financial advice
Financial advisors
Mortgage brokers
Finding a financial advisor or mortgage broker
What to do when things go wrong with financial advisors & mortgage brokers
Tax advisors & accountants
Legal advisors
Section Conclusion

Chapter 11 – Buying first home

Introduction to section
Overview of housing schemes
Schemes available in all of UK regions
England schemes
Scotland schemes
Wales schemes
Northern Ireland schemes
Tips on saving for a home
Things to consider before buying
Last words

Chapter 12 – Sharia compliant financing

Introduction to Sharia finance
What is Sharia finance
How Islamic finance works, including savings accounts
Home purchase schemes & key things to consider
UK financial institutions offering Sharia finance

Chapter 13 – Budgeting and budgeting tips

Introduction to budgeting
Budgeting Inspirations
Budgeting principles
Budgeting tips
Budgeting process
Budgeting recap

Chapter 14 – Protecting your money from fraud

Introduction to section
UK Fraud Statistics
How fraud occurs
Protecting yourself from fraud
What to do if a fraud victim
Section recap

Chapter 15 – Government child care support schemes

Introduction to section
Child schemes overview
Childcare support in all UK regions – Tax Free Childcare & Universal Credit
England childcare support
Scotland childcare support
Wales childcare support
Northern Ireland childcare support
Other childcare support schemes
Last words

Chapter 16 – Future reading and further resources

Importance of future reading
Future reading and further resources
Finance Podcasts



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