Complete Unity 2D Game Developer Course 2024

Become a 2D Game Developer by developing a flappy, platform, and a zombie game with Unity Engine and C# coding

What you will learn

Learn how to use the latest version of Unity engine

Create multiple 2D games

Code functionality with C# language

Gain the knowledge of 2D game logic


Hello and welcome!

You will learn to create three simple application to showcase your skills or add to your resume and portfolio for software development. You are not required to have any experience before starting this class it is for complete beginners and each step will be walked through step by step. Each application you will learn valuable concepts for UI, scripting, and functions. With the knowledge from this course you will be well equipped to make simple applications using Unity engine and C# coding.

Applications being made are:

-Fappy Game(the character flapping to avoid obstacles, high score counter, and a main menu scene)


-Platform Game(platform style game where the player has multiple lives and avoids obstacles moving left and right with a level system)

-Zombie Game(the player avoids zombies while he defends a base, collects coins to unlock weapons, and survives increasing rounds)

Once you complete the applications you will have lots of scripts you can reuse for furthering the work and improving the built application or even try and build your own more original applications with the newly found knowledge.

With these applications you will learn more then enough to create many other style application ranging from other games or even app style utilities with functioning UI capabilities.


Meet your teacher
What is Unity?
Projects being created

Set Up

Unity configuration
Unity tools overview
C# coding overview

Flappy Game

Flappy Game: Overview
Flappy Game: Set up
Flappy Game: Art
Flappy Game: Main menu
Flappy Game: Main menu script
Flappy Game: Game scene
Flappy Game: Player sprite
Flappy Game: Player movement
Flappy Game: Animations
Flappy Game: Game over
Flappy Game: Moving pillars
Flappy Game: Duplicating pillars
Flappy Game: Game scoring
Flappy Game: Final clean up
Flappy Game: Final review

Platform Game

Platform Game: Overview
Platform Game: Set up
Platform Game: Art
Platform Game: Main menu
Platform Game: Main menu script
Platform Game: Game scene
Platform Game: Player sprite
Platform Game: Player animation
Platform Game: Game over
Platform Game: Enemies
Platform Game: Camera follow
Platform Game: Dropped hearts
Platform Game: Level layout
Platform Game: Level complete
Platform Game: Level clean up
Platform Game: Level unlock
Platform Game: Level reset
Platform Game: Level music
Platform Game: Final review

Zombie Game

Zombie Game: Overview
Zombie Game: Set up
Zombie Game: Art
Zombie Game: Main menu
Zombie Game: Main menu script
Zombie Game: Game scene
Zombie Game: Player sprite
Zombie Game: Player movement
Zombie Game: Projectiles
Zombie Game: Firing projectiles
Zombie Game: Coin collecting
Zombie Game: Multiple weapons
Zombie Game: Selecting weapons
Zombie Game: Unlocking weapons
Zombie Game: Camera follow
Zombie Game: Create base
Zombie Game: Player health
Zombie Game: Game over
Zombie Game: Enemy
Zombie Game: Enemy types
Zombie Game: Enemy spawner
Zombie Game: Round counter
Zombie Game: Score saving
Zombie Game: Big fixes
Zombie Game: Final review

End of Course


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