Complete TikTok Marketing Course for Business TikTok Habits

Learn Daily TikTok Marketing Habits to Promote Your Business or Passion – You Can Master TikTok Marketing

What you will learn

TikTok Marketing

Digital Marketing

All things TikTok

TikTok Video Production Techniques

TikTok Promotion Skills


Complete TikTok Marketing Course for Business -TikTok Habits

Learn Daily TikTok Marketing Habits to Promote Your Business or Passion – You Can Master TikTok Marketing

TikTok is the newest and fastest growing social media platform. It’s getting a lot of hype, and with good reason. It is possible to start with zero followers on TikTok and within a few days or even a few hours, generate thousands or even tens of thousands of views for your videos. That is why marketers are now flocking to TikTok, and why you should too.

TikTok is completely unlike any other social media platform. What works on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn do not work on TikTok. You must learn what is unique to the TikTok platform and how to engage audiences there.

If you are a large or small business, an author, expert, or entertainer, then you need to be posting regular content on TikTok and marketing your brand to this worldwide audience.

TikTok now has more than 1.5 billion downloads of its app and more than half a billion regular monthly users. It is huge!

You may have heard that TikTok has a lot of teenagers and pre-teens. This is true, but with more than half a billion regular monthly users, TikTok now has members from every age group and every demographic. Many of your customers, clients, and prospects are already on TikTok.

Facebook, Instagram, Linked and YouTube all have strengths that can be leveraged by marketers. But these are mature platforms that are all increasingly expensive to market on, even to your own followers. TikTok is the Wild West. Now is THE time for you and your brand to stake your claim by getting serious about TikTok marketing.

The instructors for this course are not academic theoreticians. They are practitioners who produce and post new videos every single day on TikTok. They share with you the best TikTok marketing tips, tricks, and tactics in real-time.

If you are ready to jump into TikTok marketing, then enroll in this course today.

Here’s what Udemy students are saying about the course:

“OUTSTANDING course!!!! TJ is one of my favorite instructors, the wealth of knowledge he shares in this course, is completely helping me to move forward with doing videos, marketing, and promoting on the TikTok platform, AND becoming a better speaker on video! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!” –Jennifer

“Great to learn about TikTok marketing .thank you” Deepak Seth

This TikTok Marketing course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: Tiktok – tik tok – Tiktok marketing – Tiktok ads – Tiktok – advertising – tik tok marketing – tik tok ads – Tiktok masterclass. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: CPA marketing – viral marketing – influencer marketing – Pinterest marketing.



You Can Master TikTok Marketing Quickly and Easily

Complete TikTok Marketing Course for Business TikTok Habits Promo Video
Quick Win! Less Is More on TikTok (Unlike YouTube)
Quick Win! Don’t Overthink Your TikTok Videos
This Is How You Start with TikTok
This TikTok Course Is Designed for You If…
Time to Dispel the Myth That TikTok Is Just for Kids
And One More Myth
This Is What Is Special About the TikTok Platform
This is How You Get Live Feedback on Your TikTok Questions Right Away
Decide If You Want to Go Simple or Go Big!
If You Aren’t an Entertainer, Simple Productions Will Do
Let’s Cut to the Chase – Here Is the Easiest Way to Make Content for TikTok
Here is the Forum Where You Can Post Your TikTok Videos and Get Feedback
This Is Also What Is Different About the TikTok Platform
Here Is How to Get the Most Out of this Course

The Nuts and Bolts of Setting Up Your Account

Set Up Your Profile This Way
Sign Up for a TikTok Pro Account
Learn More About Your Audience This Way
A Few Other things You May Want to Know about TikTok

This Is How You Produce Your TikTok Videos for Massive Impact

Here is What You will Learn in this Production Section
How To Edit A Video From Your Phone
How To Create Portrait (9:16) Videos For Tik Tok
Keep Your Production Costs Low
Follow These Lighting Tips
An Example of a Simple TikTok Video That Generated 50,000 Views
More Tips On Editing
The Two Biggest Impediments Holding People Back on TikTok

The Quick and Dirty Way of Producing TikTok Videos Yourself

Here Is How You Do a Simple 2-Person TikTok Video Shoot
You are a One-Person Band – Make Your Own Video Now
Time to Make Your TikTok Video Right Now!
Here is How You Can Get Constructive Feedback on Your TikTok Videos
If You Don’t Love How You Look and sound in Your TikTok Videos…

This Is How You Engage Your Community on the TikTok Platform

Engage Your Community this Way
How to Promote Your TikTok Videos
How to Leverage Your TikTok Content for Other Platforms
Most People are Really Nice On TikTok, but…
Techniques for Engaging Critics Constructively
Let’s Build a Following for Your TikTok Account Right Now

Here Is How You Make Money Off of TikTok

You Can Monetize Your TikTok Audience

Best Practices for TikTok Success

Determine How Frequently You will Post By …
Determine Your TikTok Expectations

Make the Right Editorial Decisions

Here Is the Easy Way of Finding Topics for Your Videos
Winning the Quality Versus Quantity Debate
Pick Your Winning TikTok Niche
Other Options for Planning Your Content
A Hidden Treasure Trove of Content for Your TikTok Channel
Don’t be Afraid to Be Spontaneous

Advanced Tips on Engaging Other Creators and Audience Members

Overview of Advanced Tips on Engaging Other Creators and Audience Members
Here Is How You Can Livestream On Tiktok

Advertising on TikTok

This is Where You Can Buy ads on TikTok

Conclusion to this TikTok Marketing Course

Thanks For Being a Part of this TikTok Marketing Course!
Listen to Your Audience – I am Listening to You

Bonus Section Enjoy This Free Course on Becoming a Master of Talking Head Video

You Can Get Better and Better Speaking on Camera

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