Complete Excel Megacourse: Beginner to Expert

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel like a pro with this step-by-step course!

What you will learn

How to use Microsoft Excel and its basic functions

How to create worksheets

Everything about using and formatting cells

How to use autofill

The principles and use of formulas

How to manipulate data through different functions

How to use and master Excel’s most famous functions: AVERAGE, SUM, PRODUCT, COUNT, COUNTA, IF, COUNTIF

Simple graphs and charts

How to create a budgetary system

ll the new functions in Excel 365


Learn Microsoft Excel!

Have you ever wanted to be able to use Microsoft Excel – the largest spreadsheets program, like a pro? From managing your accounts to running your business’ finances, modelling chaos to simulating airports, recording your progress to planning your time; spreadsheets are an invaluable tool to learn and understand. Whether you’re looking to record your home incomings and outgoings, or want to explore Excel for its mathematical opportunities, investigate the statistical tools, and its data analysis wizards, this course is for you.

In this course, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to get started with Excel. You will explore what cells and worksheets are, how to enter formulae, manipulate data through functions and present the data in an effective fashion. You’ll even learn how to use Excel to develop diverse and interesting solutions to problems, as well as learn the individual techniques and how to apply them to a solution.

Our instructor has many years of experience teaching Excel to a wide range of audiences – from very young children through to professionals, and the expertly-crafted syllabus is designed to be easy to follow and thorough. We’ve also included plenty of practical examples explained and done on-screen for you to study. That’s why this is the only Microsoft Excel course you’ll ever need to master this software!

Start using Excel today!




What is Microsoft Excel
How do I get Microsoft Excel
How do I open Microsoft Excel

Getting to know the Interface

Cell, Worksheets and Workbooks
The Ribbon Toolbar
Selecting Cells and The Name Box
Altering Rows and Columns
Revision: Times Table Square

Using Formulae in Excel

Exploring Data Types
Formatting Data
Creating a Series
Creating Formulae
Formulae and Autofill (Relative Addressing)
Resolving Relative Addressing Issues (Absolute Addressing)
Formatting Cells
Revision: Times Table Square

Protecting Cells and Worksheets

Protecting Worksheets
Restricting Data in Cells

Data, Formatting and the First Function

Creating Lists
21. Adding and Deleting Rows and Columns
Conditional Formatting
Introducing Functions – MOD
Revision: Times Table Square

Basic Functions in Excel

Introducing Battleships
The IF function
The COUNTIF Function
The COUNTA Function
Nested IFs
The SUM function
Named Ranges
Revision: Battleships

Shapes and Images

3D Formulae
Revision 5: Battleships
Revision: Battleships

Importing Data into Excel

Using CSV files
Exporting Data into a CSV file
Issues with CSV files
Importing CSV files Using the Legacy Wizard

Averages in Excel

The AVERAGE Function
The MEDIAN Function
The MODE Function
The MODE.SNGL Function
The MODE.MULT function
Revision: Gradebook

Using Lookups in Excel

The VLOOKUP Function
The HLOOKUP Function

More Functions in Excel

The MAX and MIN Functions
The RAND and RANDBETWEEN Functions
The INDEX Function
The MATCH Function
Revision: Gradebook

Functions and Conditions

The SUMIF Function
The SUMIFS Function

Working with Dates and Text

Working with Dates
Working with Text

Simple Graphs and Charts

Simple Bar Graphs
Pie Charts
Scattergraphs 2

Handling Text and Importing WWW Data

Manipulating Text
More Manipulating Text
Importing Data from the Web

Generating Test Data

Creating Test Data Pt. 1
Creating Test Data Pt. 2

Creating a Budgetary System

Developing a Budget Spreadsheet
Continuing the Budget Spreadsheet

Revision Exercise: Astronomical Modelling

Revision: Astronomical Modeling Pt. 1
Revision: Astronomical Modeling Pt. 2
Revision: Astronomical Modeling Pt. 3
Revision: Astronomical Modeling Pt. 4

New Functions in Excel 365

UNIQUE and Spills
The IFS Function
The MAXIFS Function
The MINIFS Function
The SWITCH Function
The SORT Function
The XMATCH Function
The LET Function
The XLOOKUP Function
The FILTER Function
The SORTBY Function
The SEQUENCE Function
Revision: Combining Functions

More Basic Features of Excel

The RANDARRAY Function
Text to Columns
Zooms and Sheet Selections
Logical Functions
ODDs and EVENs
Ceilings and Floors
Reviewing all our Learning
Last Words

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