Certified in Foreign Exchange

Certified in Foreign Exchange
Adapted for Indian International Trade

What you will learn

Gain knowledge and understanding in the subject area covered by the assessment

Test and assess their proficiency in the subject matter

Identify areas of strength and areas for improvement

Enhance their comprehension of concepts, principles, and practices related to the subject

Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills specific to the assessment topic


The assessment provided is a question bank on foreign exchange . The questions cover various aspects of foreign exchange, including banking days, types of banks involved in LC transactions, different types of LCs, FEMA regulations, foreign exchange limits for individuals, interest rates for FCNR(B) accounts, currency declaration forms, borrowing in foreign currency, export-related facilities, UCPDC provisions, and various charges applicable in foreign exchange transactions.

The answers to the questions are also provided, allowing students to check their understanding and knowledge. The answers are presented in a clear and concise manner, with each question number and corresponding answer letter indicated.


This question bank serves as a useful tool for students studying foreign exchange, international banking, and trade finance. It covers a wide range of topics and can help students assess their understanding of key concepts and regulations in the field of foreign exchange.

To make the most of this question bank, students can attempt to answer the questions on their own before referring to the provided answers. This will help them gauge their knowledge and identify areas that require further study or clarification. Students can also use this question bank as a practice tool to prepare for exams or assessments related to foreign exchange.

Overall, this question bank provides a valuable resource for students studying foreign exchange and serves as a comprehensive assessment tool to test their knowledge and understanding in this field.

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