Certified Contact Center Manager Professional (CCCMP)

Mastering Sales & Service Excellence in Contact Centers

What you will learn

The role of quality assurance in a contact center

Strategies for ensuring compliance with relevant regulations

The concept and significance of omni-channel customer experience

The purpose and benefits of customer journey mapping in a contact center

Techniques for upselling opportunities and improving sales in a contact center environment


Welcome to the “Certified Sales & Service Contact Center Manager” certification, a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the essential skills needed for effective contact center management. This certification focuses on key aspects of sales, service, and customer support within contact center environments.

Throughout this certification, participants will delve into various topics, including:

1.  Quality Assurance:** Learn the pivotal role of quality assurance in monitoring agent productivity and identifying training needs for optimal performance.

2.  Compliance Management:** Understand strategies to ensure compliance with relevant regulations by developing and implementing policies and procedures.

3.  Omni-channel Customer Experience:** Explore the significance of providing consistent service across multiple channels to deliver an exceptional omni-channel customer experience.

4.  Customer Journey Mapping:** Gain insights into the purpose of customer journey mapping and its role in understanding customer interactions and pain points.

5.  Upselling Opportunities:** Identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling to enhance revenue generation and maximize customer lifetime value.

6.  Call Routing:** Understand the purpose of call routing in directing calls to the most appropriate agent for efficient resolution.


7.  Customer Satisfaction Assessment:** Learn methods to assess customer satisfaction through conducting surveys and implementing performance reviews.

8.  Employee Turnover Management:** Discover strategies to address high employee turnover by providing growth opportunities and competitive compensation.

9.  Real-time Monitoring:** Explore the significance of real-time monitoring in assessing agent performance during live interactions.

10.  Soft Skills Development:** Understand the importance of soft skills such as conflict resolution and communication in effective contact center management.

11.  Workforce Scheduling Optimization:** Learn techniques to optimize workforce scheduling by analyzing agent preferences and implementing flexible scheduling options.

12.  Coaching and Training Programs:** Discover the purpose of coaching and training programs in driving agent professional growth and enhancing skills and knowledge.

13.  Contact Center Scripting:** Understand the role of contact center scripting in providing agents with guidelines for effective customer interactions.

By completing the “Certified Sales & Service Contact Center Manager” certification, individuals showcase their proficiency in managing contact center operations, driving sales, fostering customer satisfaction, and ensuring operational excellence. This certification is ideal for professionals seeking to advance their careers in the customer service industry. Join us on this journey to master sales and service excellence in contact centers and become a certified expert in contact center management.

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