Business Analysis: The Big Picture

Enhance and boost your career

What you will learn

Understand core concepts and the focus of business analysis

Explain the goals and knowledge areas of business analysis

Delineate the role of business analysis in different stages of system development

Describe the concept of SDLC and compare two popular approaches to SDLC

Gain a thorough understanding of BA certifications


Last two decades have witnessed the exponential growth in interests in business analysis, due to its critical role in quality software, project success, process improvement, and organizational growth. What is business analysis? Why is business analysis important? How is business analysis different from project management? How is business analysis related to system development? What are available business analysis certifications?

Drawing on the body of knowledge on business analysis and the most recent industry reports, this free course answers all of the above questions through four carefully selected topics covered in four videos. Practical examples are used to illustrate core concepts of business analysis.

The goal of this course is to offer a clear high-level understanding of business analysis and its role in system development. The course also provides you a thorough overview of popular business analysis certificates. At the end of this course, you will not only enhance your knowledge on business analysis, but also acquire useful information to make an informed decision as to your career choice.

The course is developed and taught by a seasoned and certified business analysis professional with extensive training experience and development of IIBA endorsed training content. Below lists feedback from some learns whom I trained in the past.

● I am very happy to have learned the concepts and would like to once again thank you for being so great. — Balaach

● A lot of PMs I know are resistant to learning anything “technical” – even though I’d say that this level of system analysis is not as technical as our Devs get, and would be helpful for everyone to know. It’s already helped me a lot in understanding some of the diagrams and conversations I have with system architects. – Thomas

● I truly gained so much great knowledge from you — Ashley




Course overview

What is business analysis?

What is business analysis?

What is system development process?

What is sytem development process?

What is the role of business analysis in system development?

What is the role of business analyiss in system development?

Business analysis certifications

Business analysis certifications

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