Build your Email List on Steroids using Killer Lead Magnets

Employ the psychological Power of “Free Content”, to build a highly profitable email list by providing value

What you will learn

Learn how to use a lead magnet to fill your email list with quality subscribers

Learn how to gather Data on your audience, to stand out from the competition

Learn the importance of A/B testing to improve CTR, Open rate, and conversion rate

Follow a step by step case study to create your first compelling, and problem solving Ebook

Learn how to promote your Ebook using free tools on the internet

Learn how to reverse engineer the competition, to craft a succesful lead magnet by adding more value to potential leads

Spy on the competition on facebook, and learn how to use facebook ads and a simple landing page to create a lead generation machine that works 24/7

Learn how to deploy freelancers to scale your lead generation process for maximu results


Are you struggling to craft a lead magnet that converts? If so, this course is your first step to blowing your email List.

In this course, you’ll learn what qualities of a great lead magnet are, how to reverse engineer the competition, and to design effective lead magnets.

A robust email list allows you to use a line of direct communication with a loyal and open-minded audience daily.

People are tired and weary of subscribing to newsletters, and the tactic of “Please subscribe to my newsletter” doesn’t work anymore as an effective list-building strategy.

Besides, Who needs an inbox filled with spammy and irrelevant messages?

Whether it be a Webinar or an eBook, your lead magnet is what determines how many new leads you seduce. An excellent Lead magnet will deliver quality leads, which is why it’s recommended to do it right.

Why should you use a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a free giveaway that entices potential customers in your niche to click on. By generously giving free content, visitors are most likely to sign up for your email newsletter, and a part of those sign-ups usually convert into paying customers.

This makes lead magnets one of the most essential tactics of your lead generation marketing strategy.

Lead magnets come in many different forms, but they all usually share the following characteristics:

  • Elevates your business (brings in leads, then converts them into paying customers in the future)
  • Free of charge (no cost required to get, only an email is enough)
  • Effective Problem solving (perceived as helpful, valuable, or enlightening)

Why Every Business Must use Lead Magnet?

Nothing beats “Free OFFER.” People will choose free content 10 times out of 10. Free content wins all the time.

A lead magnet psychologically taps into the “Power of FREE content.” In other words, if your goal is to build a qualified email list online, your business requires a lead magnet. Period.

Why? Simply because an email is very personal information. So people will never give their email address away to a stranger without motivation, even if they enjoy your brand. As a marketer, your job is to provide them with a convincing motive to willingly give you their email.

For example, imagine you have a blog post on the top 5 tips to lose weight. You can ask your readers to join your email newsletter at the end of the post.

Or, instead, you could ask them to join your email list and get a free, downloadable Ebook with excellent case studies detailing a real-life success story of a person who lost 10 pounds in one week.

Which offer do you suppose will get the most email sign-ups?

Exactly—the second one!

So, now that you understand the significance of lead magnets, Sign up for the course to get detailed information with a real case study practice.

The sooner you build your list, the higher your chances of making money online. So go ahead and start the journey NOW!





Build your lead magnet on ROIDS

What’s a lead magnet?
Think outside the BOX, to stand out from the competition

Marketing BOOKS to read NOW!

HOLY grail Marketing BOOKS!
The Psychological INFLUENCE of “FREE CONTENT” on people

A/B Testing is KEY for MAX conversion rate

A/B Testing is KEY
Lead Magnet types



Use online TOOLS to scale Lead generation

Leverage Click FUNNELS to set your lead generation MACHINE!

Study and research about your TARGET market

Identify your TARGET audience’s ULTIMATE Problem
Use FREE Online TOOLS to learn more about your Ideal customers

You can’t DO everything!

Outsource Menial tasks to a High rated Freelancer

Learn how to CREATE and PROMOTE your EBOOK Lead Magnet

Case Study : Create your first EBOOK lead Magnet
Secrets to EBOOK Promotion for Maximum TRAFFIC

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Effective FACEBOOK ADS strategy to promote your EBOOK

Effective FACEBOOK ADS strategy to get high TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS.

Just ONE LAST course before you are ready

Qualities of a Lead Magnet On STEROIDS
Take more action -Fail more-learn more

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