Branch Relationship Management Program

Start a Career as a Relationship Manager in a Retail Bank

What you will learn

Relationship banking at a retail branch level

Customer relationship management

How to perform through a joint calling

High networth clients acquisition

Use of data analysis

Client segmentations

How to rebuild a relationship?

Catchment scoping

Portfolio analysis

Product Holding and Group Income Product Holding

Use of social media for relationship building

Generating and managing references

Income projections for various products

What opportunities exist for Relationship Managers outside the portfolio?


Relationship Banking

Relationship banking is a form of marketing where banks focus on developing long-term relationships with their customers rather than simply selling products. The two concepts are linked because relationship banking requires banks to engage in marketing activities to attract and retain customers. To be successful, banks must carefully consider their target market and develop marketing strategies that appeal to their target customers. Marketing has always sparked the curiosity of most business schools. Despite massive research, marketing remains a puzzle to many. This is because changes in this field continue to occur rapidly. Although approaches may differ, the relationship between a provider of goods and services and a customer will always be at the heart of marketing.

You may wonder why Relationship banking is vital for providing Financial Services. This is due to the distinction between marketing a product and marketing a service. A product is tangible and visible and fulfills a need that can be physically felt, whereas a service, although fulfilling a need, can only be experienced and making it crucial for bankers to understand the importance of relationship banking deeply.

From a banker’s perspective, the goal of relationship banking is to build rapport and trust with customers so that they feel comfortable doing business with the bank and are more likely to become loyal, repeat customers. To achieve this, banks may offer additional services and products to their customers and personalized service. They may also work to develop deeper relationships with key customers by providing them with dedicated account managers or financial advisors.

Relationship managers are the frontrunner of any banking institution. They are responsible for establishing and maintaining valuable business relationships between the clients and the bank. Effective management of business relationships with customers requires a good understanding of banking processes along with excellent communication skills. This course in Relationship Management will equip learners with banking fundamentals and product & service-related solutions to help them accelerate their careers.



What is relationship banking?

What is relationship banking?

Customer Segments

Customer Segments

Benefits of relationship banking for the client

Benefits of relationship banking for the client

Some valuable advice for the Relationship Bankers and the banks staff

Some valuable advice for the Relationship Bankers and the banks staff


What is racing?
How do we evaluate potential before racing
Use of data analytics
The consequences of incorrect racing
Summary till this point

Why do banks lose HNI clients, and how can these issues be resolved

Why do banks lose HNI clients, and how can these issues be resolved

How to rebuild a relationship

What can a bank do if customers don’t fulfill the Racing criteria
How to rebuild a relationship

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis
How do you manage portfolios
Customer To Group Ratio
Examining the general structure of a portfolio
Product Holding and Group Income Product Holding (GIPH) ratio

Catchment scoping

Catchment scoping
How to establish relationships with High-Net-worth Individuals (HNIs)
What activities can be performed in the Catchment Area
Using social media
The significance of References
Generating references
Managing references

Income objectives

Income objectives
Income projections for various product
What opportunities exist for Relationship Managers outside the portfolio

Joint calling

Joint calling
The Importance of a Joint Call

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Data stored in a CRM system
What data can be captured from a conversation
Master File
Services that can be offered to these market segments
Adding value for customers
Impact of unawareness
Interactions with high-net-worth individuals



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