Brain supercharge (Speed reading and eye training course)

In this course, you will see significant progress in speed reading and get acquainted with your hidden abilities.

What you will learn

Important techniques for professional speed reading

Important points to strengthen eyes and eye speed exercises

Complete phrase reading training with exercises

Exercises for full use of the brain hemispheres

Focus when studying


What exactly does speed reading mean?

Most people read at a maximum speed of 200 words per minute, while everyone has the ability to read at a speed of at least 600 words! How? Simply! Our normal brains and eyes are not able to analyze content quickly and accurately. But with a little practice and some techniques, you can reach your full potential. Our brain has the ability to do things that are beyond our imagination. The best way to use this hidden power is to learn skills such as speed reading. Speed reading is a launching pad for passing tough tests and achieving a bright future! People like Warren Buffett read a book almost every day. But when asked what regrets he has in life, his answer was why he did not read more books. Reading books keeps your mind young. By reading books, you will learn new things that will change your future career. In other words, the more books you read, the more experience you will have and the more successful you will be. Do not have enough time to study? Do not worry, because speed reading is exactly the skill that training will cure your pain.

Speed reading will wake up your brain Using your brain many times over will make you smarter.


Why is speed reading so important?

Have you ever been to a job interview? Probably yes. People can succeed in job interviews with a more productive and compelling resume. When you know other skills besides the skills needed for the job you want, you will have a better chance of getting that job. Now, if you are familiar with the knowledge of speed reading and have passed the speed reading courses, you will have the opportunity to make your resume more productive than ever (because you read a book every few days and learn a new skill …) But speed reading will not be limited to this. By learning to read fast, you can get better grades in different exams. In addition to increasing your knowledge of your field of study, this will help you find a job with a better salary, benefits, and position.

Each lecture is composed of up to dated techniques and plenty of exercises.

Speed reading science

Text following and tangerine technique
Strengthen the eyes
Slow reader VS. Fast reader
Observing technique
Quiz 1
Overcoming stress with proper breathing
Phrase reading
Eliminating sub vocalization
The power of right hemisphere in speed reading
Your progress
Reading comprehension
Quiz 2

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