Binary Tree Traversal in C++ | Practice Leetcode Questions

Introduction to Tree Traversal for Beginners, Pros, and Curious Minds Alike! Hands-on experience with Leetcode problems.

What you will learn

Understand binary tree basics for effective traversal strategies in C++ programming.

Explore inorder, preorder, postorder, and level order traversal techniques.

Hands-on coding experience to implement traversal algorithms in C++.

Apply learned techniques to solve real-world programming problems effectively.


Welcome to Binary Tree Traversal in C++! This course delves deep into the binary tree structure, offering insights into traversal techniques using the C++ language. Binary trees, pivotal in computing, require efficient traversal for diverse problem-solving, from expression parsing to data manipulation.

Throughout the course, you’ll explore binary tree basics, including structure, terminology, and properties, alongside four primary traversal methods:

Inorder Traversal: Navigate a binary tree from left subtree to root to right subtree, beneficial for expression parsing and search operations.

Preorder Traversal: Traverse by visiting the root before child nodes, useful for tree duplication and problem-solving.


Postorder Traversal: Explore by visiting left and right subtrees before the root, ideal for tree deletion and expression evaluation.

Level Order Traversal: Traverse level by level, from root to deepest nodes, crucial for breadth-first search and level-based problem-solving.

You’ll not only grasp theoretical concepts but also apply them hands-on using C++, STL, and coding best practices, solving LeetCode problems for practical experience. By course end, you’ll master binary tree traversals, ready to tackle real-world programming challenges and enhance your C++ skills. Enroll now and embark on this learning journey together!

So, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned coder looking to brush up on your skills, this course is for you! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of binary tree traversal, where learning is fun and rewarding. Let’s dive in and explore together! One node at a time!

Introduction To Binary Tree

Course Introduction – Curriculum Walkthrough
Introduction to Binary Tree
Binary Tree Representation in C++


Depth First Search (DFS) versus Breadth First Search (BFS)
[DFS] Preorder Traversal
[DFS] Inorder Traversal
[DFS] Postorder Traversal
[BFS] Level Order Traversal

Leetcode Questions

104. Maximum Depth of Binary Tree
102. Binary Tree Level Order Traversal
199. Binary Tree Right Side View
Left View Of Binary Tree

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