BIM- Revit Structure Full Course- from Beginner to Advanced

BIM- Revit Structure Full Course- from Beginner to Advanced
Become a Proficient Structural Designer: Comprehensive Revit Course for Steel and Concrete Structures

What you will learn

Master Structural Design and BIM Modeling Techniques

Steel and Concrete Structure

Structural Walls, Columns and Beams

Apply Industry Standards for Steel Connection Design

Reinforcement Modeling and Rebar Detailing

Truss and Brace Families

Dynamo for Revit Structure

Structural Analysis

Shop Drawings and Sheets

U-Boot & Metal Deck and Waffle Structure Modeling


Note: The main difference in this course compared to others is that we have not confined ourselves to explaining simple techniques. Instead, we have conveyed the subject through challenging projects and specific tricks, which are the result of numerous experiences.

  • Curious about Building Information Modeling (BIM) for structural design?
  • Ever wondered how professionals create impressive steel and concrete structures using Revit? 
  • Looking to enhance your expertise in structural Bim modeling?

This comprehensive course is designed to take you from a beginner to an advanced level in utilizing Revit Structure for Steel and Concrete structures. Whether you’re new to Building Information Modeling (BIM) or looking to enhance your skills, this course covers everything you need to know.
You’ll gain hands-on experience with various examples of projects, witnessing the entire project delivery process to the client. From mastering walls, columns, beams, and floors to understanding intricate design details, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills to excel in creating robust structural designs using Revit.



  • Master Structural Design and BIM Modeling Techniques
  • Steel and Concrete Structure
  • Structural Walls, Columns and Beams
  • Apply Industry Standards for Steel Connection Design
  • Reinforcement Modeling and Rebar Detailing
  • Truss and Brace Families
  • Dynamo for Revit Structure
  • Structural Analysis
  • Shop Drawings and Sheets
  • U-Boot & Metal Deck and Waffle Structure Modeling

If you are currently a BIM modeler or planning to become one, it is essential not to limit yourself to any form. You should be able to manage any architectural design in the BIM process And in the end, you will be the hero of this training. Please watch this course and feel free to ask me any questions you have while watching it. Additionally, during the learning Autodesk Revit, ask me questions so that I can guide you.



Difference Between Revit Structure, Advance Steel and Tekla

The Difference Between Revit Structure, Advance Steel and Tekla

What is the Meaning of Design in Revit Structure

Structural Design in Revit

Revit Structure Templates

Structural Template

Drawing Levels

Drawing Levels
Managing Levels

Drawing and Setting Grids

Introducing Grid
Drawing Grids
Grid Tools
Appearance Setting (Part 1)
Appearance Setting (Part 2)
Grid Symbol
Grids Line Pattern
Curve Grid
Modeling Grid Symbol (Part 1)
Modeling Grid Symbol (Part 2)

Axis Numbering with Dynamo

Grids Numbering (Part 1)
Grids Numbering (Part 2)

Creating Tools with Dynamo

Creating Tool

Axis Dimension with Dynamo

Axis Dimension (Part 1)
Axis Dimension (Part 2)

Modeling and Setting Structural Columns

Structural Column
Column Placement Options
Slanted Column
Column Properties (Part 1)
Column Properties (Part 2)
Column Connection
Symbol Family (Part 1)
Symbol Family (Part 2)
Column Properties
Rebar Cover
Attach & Detach
Column Style
Attachment Detail
Analytical Items
Analytical Properties
Analytical Tag

Modeling Columns Based on Excel and AutoCAD with Dynamo

Drawing Column by AutoCAD & Excel
Importing Excel
Importing Coordinated Points
Columns Placement by Dynamo

Modeling Structural Column Family

Modeling Family
Setting Family Graphics
Section Shape
Exporting Detail & Beam Connection
Column Appearance
Family Properties
Set View Range
Steel Column Family
Set Section Parameter
Column Visibility
Export Family Parameter
Import Catalog
Lookup Table Family
Manage Excel File
Manage Family Parameters
Family Subcategory
Detail Item

Modeling and Setting Beams

Drawing Rules
Drawing Options
Drawing Beams
Drawing Curve Beams
Beam Properties
Extension Parameters
Edit Parameter
Explaining Constraints
Beam Properties
Cut Back
Beam Symbol
Connection Family
Attachment Type
Family Properties

Modeling and Setting Beam System

Use Beam System
Pattern Window
Drawing Roof Beams
Edit Beam System
Remove Beam System
Beam System Tag
Create Beam System Tag

Modeling Joist Family

Modeling Family
Create Parameters
Modeling Details
Manage Parameters
Create Formula (Part 1)
Create Formula (Part 2)
Checking Family Parameters

Modeling Stepping Beam

Modeling Family
Create the Required Parameters
Create Formula
Manage Parameter & Formula

Modeling Roof Polystyrene Family

Modeling Family

Joist and Polystyrene Placement

Joist Placement
Polystyrene Placement
Checking the Model

Beams Modeling by Using Dynamo Based on AutoCAD File

Checking AutoCAD File
Import Points
Working with Dynamo (Part 1)
Working with Dynamo (Part 2)
Manage Nodes
Family Placement

Modeling and Setting Brace

Drawing Brace
Manage Tags
Manage Properties
Modeling Family
Create Parameters
Check the Family Visibility
Check the Model & Parameters

Modeling U-Boot Family

Modeling Family
Create the Required Parameters
Detail Modeling (Part 1)
Detail Modeling (Part 2)
Manage Parameters
Check the Family
Family Placement

U-Boot Placement by Using Dynamo

Family Placement
Create Tool Icon

Modeling Cobiax Family

Set Parameters
Modeling Details (Part 1)
Modeling Details (Part 2)
Modeling Details (Part 3)
Checking Parameters
Manage the Family
Family Placement
Check the Model
Meshed Surface
Intersection of Points
Create Tool

Modeling Metal Deck Family

Checking AutoCAD File
Importing DWG File
Modeling Family (Part 1)
Modeling Family (Part 2)
Editing Family
Modeling Family Details
Checking Family
Manage Parameters

Modeling Waffle Family

Checking AutoCAD File
Creating Parameters
Family Placement

Structure Tab

Opening Tools

Modeling and Setting Structural Floor

Editing Tools

Modeling and Setting Structural Wall

Structural Wall

Wall Connection Technique by Using Dynamo

Joining Wall & Beam
Joining Elements by Dynamo

Floor Construction by Using Dynamo

Preparing 3D Model
Using Required Nodes
Floors Demarcation
Preparing Intersection Points
Modeling Floors

Modeling and Setting Truss

Introduce the Element
Edit Type Window
Edit Profile
Attach & Detach

Modeling Truss Family

Creating Parameters
Control the Parameters

Modeling and Setting Structural Foundation

Introduce Wall Foundation
Editing Wall Foundation
Foundation Placement
Modeling Family
Foundation Slab
Editing Foundation Slab
Joining to Elements

Basic Rebar Setting

Reinforcement General (Part 1)
Reinforcement General (Part 2)
Reinforcement General (Part 3)
Reinforcement Rounding & Presentation
Area & Path Reinforcement
Varying Rebar Set
Structural Element Rebar Cover
Set Cover

Placement, Setting and Modeling Rebars Family

Sketching Rebar
Rebar Position
Set Rebar (Part 1)
Set Rebar (Part 2)
Placement Orientation
Presentation & Host
Constraint (Part 1)
Constraint (Part 2)
Constraint (Part 3)
Constraint (Part 4)
Free Form
Free Form Aligned
Free Form Surface
Manage Rebars
Isolated & Column Rebar
Editing Properties
Curved Floor Modeling
Curved Floor Rebar
Editing Rebars
Cylindrical Column Rebar
Profile 3D Modeling
Rebar Placement on 3D Model
Sketching Rebar
Sloped Floor
Drawing Beam Rebars
Rebar Edit Type
Schedule Window
Manage Rebar Schedule
Shape Image
Rebars Hook
Managing Rebar Visibility by Dynamo
Using the Created Plugin
Edit Type Window Construction
Dimensions (Part 1)
Dimensions (Part 2)
Managing Edit Type Parameters
Drawing Rebars with Area
Area Properties
Editing Area Rebars
Area Symbol
Path Tool
Fabric Area
Lab Splice Position
Fabric Sheet
Rebar Couple
Rebar Coupler Properties
Rebar Coupler on Wall
Modeling Rebar Coupler Family
Rebars Coupler Placement
Rebar Family
Rebar Family Rules
Shape Status
Checking Family Parameters
U Rebar Shape
Adding Required Parameters

Steel Tab

Advance Steel (Part 1)
Advance Steel (Part 2)
Steel Tab (Part 1)
Steel Tab (Part 2)
Connection Setting
Element Presentation
Acceptable Profile
Fabrication Rules
Modify Tools
Editing Fabrication Item
Connection Edit Type
Editing Base Plate (Part 1)
Editing Base Plate (Part 2)
Editing Base Plate Model
Shear Plate Edit Type
Managing Material
Splice Joint
Modeling Connection
Connection Properties
Modeling Plate
Bolts Properties
Bolts Rules
Anchors Properties & Welds
Shorten & Contour Cut
Propagating Connection

Placing Rebar with Dynamo

Practical BIM Package
Custom Node
Set Rebars
Rebars Setting
Set Rebar to All the Beams

Techniques for Executive Modeling

Modeling UNP Family
Modeling Structural Connection
Manage Family Parameters
Checking Project

How to Link Advance Steel and Robot Structure to Revit

Setting Window
Working with Advance Steel
Advance Steel to Revit
Revit to Advance Steel
Advance Steel to Robot Structural

How to Link ETABS to Revit

Managing File
Checking Structural Window
Linking Revit to ETABS

Project Documentation Tools

Project Measurement
Spot Elevations
Setting Details View
Modeling Symbol
Modeling Rebar Detail Item
Schedule _ Quantities
Putting Views on Sheet

Precast Tools

Configuration Tabs
Split & Shop Drawing
Editing Solid Wall Family
Solid Slab Setting
Hollow Core Slab Family
Hollow Core Slab Setting

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