Beginner to Advance Complete Google Analytics 4 Masterclass

Beginner to Advance Complete Google Analytics 4 Masterclass
Learn Google Analytics 4 in simple, easy to understand steps and master your Digital Marketing Data like never before.

What you will learn

Learners will learn complete Google Analytics 4 setup

Learners will learn how to connect Google Analytics 4 to website and Google Ads

Learners will learn how to set up data streams in Google Analytics 4

Learners will learn how to create reports and how to create top 10 reports in GA-4


Unlock the power of data-driven insights with our Mastering Google Analytics 4 course. This hands-on program is designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge to navigate and leverage the capabilities of Google Analytics 4 effectively. Whether youโ€™re a marketer, business owner, or aspiring data analyst, this course provides a solid foundation for understanding and maximising the potential of your digital analytics.

Key Learning Objectives:


  1. Account Creation and Setup:
    • Learn the step-by-step process of creating a Google Analytics 4 account.
    • Understand account configuration settings for optimal data tracking and reporting.
  2. Navigating Reports:
    • Explore the intuitive interface of Google Analytics 4.
    • Gain proficiency in navigating standard reports to uncover key insights about user behaviour and website performance.
  3. Top Reports Analysis:
    • Deep dive into essential reports, including user engagement, acquisition, and conversion reports.
    • Interpret and analyse data to make informed decisions and optimise digital strategies.
  4. Customised Reports:
    • Master the art of creating custom reports tailored to your specific business goals.
    • Understand the flexibility of data visualisation and customisation options to meet unique reporting requirements.
  5. Event Tracking:
    • Learn how to set up and track custom events to capture user interactions and behaviours beyond page views.
    • Utilise event tracking to measure specific actions that matter most to your business.
  6. Audience Creation and Segmentation:
    • Harness the power of audience creation for targeted marketing efforts.
    • Understand how to segment users based on various criteria, such as demographics, behaviours, and technology.
  7. Conversion Tracking:
    • Implement and optimise conversion tracking to measure the success of your online objectives.
    • Analyse conversion data to enhance website performance and user experience.
  8. Integration with Other Platforms:
    • Explore how Google Analytics 4 integrates with other Google products and marketing platforms.
    • Understand cross-platform tracking for a comprehensive view of user interactions.

By the end of this course, students will be equipped with the skills to confidently navigate Google Analytics 4, generate meaningful reports, and leverage advanced features to optimise their online presence. Join us on this journey to become a proficient user of Google Analytics 4 and unlock the full potential of data-driven decision-making in the digital landscape.


Introduction to Google Analytics 4
Google analytics 4 โ€“ Account Creation

Connecting Google Analytics 4 to Website and setting up data strams

Connecting to website and creating data steams

Google analytics 4- Reports overview

Google analytics 4 reports overview

Google analytics 4 top 10 reports

Google analytics 4 top 10 reports

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