Enhancement of your IQ, thinking, communication and problem solving skills

What you will learn

Introduction to the building blocks that makes up the foundation of learning

Physiology of the brain and Engram formation

Becoming BEE-Smart and enhance your IQ

Acquiring excellent communication skills

Role of parents and educators during early childhood

IQ can be learned


  1. We start with an introduction on the course content and an explanation on the meaning of the BEE-Smart Logo.
  2. You will be made aware of the five building blocks of information capturing during your life long learning process.
  3. We will look at physiology of the brain to explain how these building blocks are cemented together to build an extraordinary building to form the basis of your thinking and communication abilities. We will further learn how some of these building blocks are misplaced to leave gaps that have a direct impact on your thinking and communication ability. The brain physiology will be described in an easy to understand manner with graphics and metaphors, just enough for you to understand. Detail is for the scientists and we leave it for them.
  4. During the application part of the course we will dissect words and formulas to stack the building blocks in the correct way in our brain, based on the physiological knowledge we have learned in the course up to this point. We will also realize that memory skills do not work because with just memorizing words or facts leave some building blocks out of the equation and useless for the thinking and communication processes.
  5. You will be guided through the self assessment.
  6. The last lesson will be a conclusion of the course, with useful downloads regarding the following topics: IQ vs Engrams, can IQ be learned, does and do nots for parents, how to teach for educators, how to improve your study results for students and how to enrich your thinking ability for employees and general public.



Introduction and overview
Lesson 1 – The meaning of the logo and first building blocks of learning
Lesson 2 – The last building blocks of learning
Lecture 3 – Physiology 1
Lesson 4 – Physiology 1 video discussion
Lesson 5 – Physiology 2
Lesson 6- Physiology 2 video discussion
Lesson 7 – Physiology 3
Lesson 8 – Physiology 3 video discussion
Lesson 9 – BEE Smart
Lesson 10 – Practical examples on how to become BEE-Smart
Lesson 10 continued – Practical example
Lesson 11 – Assesment
Lesson 12 – Conclusion

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