Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer [Success Blueprint]

Learn how to start a profitable Affiliate Marketing business from building blog to SEO + paid and free traffic methods

What you will learn

How to Start a Profitable Affilliate Marketing Business Easily

How to Create an Affiliate Blog/Store Website using WordPress

How to find Perfect and Most Profitable Niche for you Website

How to Optimze your Website for On-Page SEO without knowing SEO

How to Build High Quality SEO Backlinks with knowing SEO

Some Amazing Free Traffic Methods to Get traffic to your Affiliate Website

What are some of the Multiple ways to Monetize your Blog


In this course Become a Six-Figure Affiliate Marketer (Success Blueprint) you are going to learn affiliate marketing from A-Z.

This course will cover:

  1. Finding Best Affiliate Marketing Niche
  2. Setting up domain and web hosting
  3. Keyword research for website content
  4. Creating an Affiliate Website (Blog/Store)
  5. On-Page SEO for Affiliate Website
  6. Best Affiliate Programs & networks to join
  7. Creating Content for Affiliate Products that Ranks
  8. Off-Page SEO for Affiliate Websites
  9. Free Website Traffic Methods

This course is All in one Affiliate marketing course where you will learn to create affiliate website using wordpress without coding and using a free wordpress theme which is specifically created, designed and developed for affiliate bloggers. We will also see which is the best web hosting company for the affiliate websites and which one should you choose according to your needs, your budget and your content type.

In research phase of the course you will be learning about important and free tools for niche research and keyword research including some secret strategies to decide a low competition and high profit niche. I will also show you how to hunt products for affiliate blogs and which are some of the best affiliate programs and networks for affiliate marketing.

In SEO phase of the course, you will learn how you can optimize your website speed, security and performance and how you can make your website perfect for ranking on google by keyword integration and doing complete on-page and performance optimization. This course will show you some off-page SEO and link building strategies as well to be dominant in off-page SEO  as well and get into search results i mean SERP very easily.

Some of the free traffic methods are also included in this course to get some initial traffic without waiting, so you can support you SEO and long-term goals without any temporary issues and those free traffic methods would help you build some sustainable traffic sources.

Enroll into course right now if you want to get crux out of it.





Affiliate Marketing Income & Expecations

Choose Affiliate Markeing Niche

What’s Inside?
Niche vs Micro-Niche vs General Website
Niche Research #1: Niche Research + Brainstorming
Niche Research #2: Validating Best Niche for SEO
Niche Research #3: Selecting Most Profitable Niche

Setting Up Domain name & Web Hosting

What’s Inside
Best Domain & Web Hosting Websites
Setup up Domain & Web Hosting
Grab Already Monetized Sites
Buy Expired Domains

Affiliate Website Design

What’s Inside
WordPress Dashboard Overview
Find & Install Best Free WordPress Themes
Why this Theme is Best for You?
Theme & Customization Settings
Create New Pages
Setup Google Search & Analytics
Exploring Extra Theme Features

Best Affiliate Programs to Join

What’s Inside
Find your Favourite Affiliate Program
5 Best Affiliate Programs

Keyword Research

What’s Inside
Keyword Research #1: Keyword Research using Free Tool
Keyword Research #2: Competitors Research
Keyword Research #3: Search Intent
InterLinking + Silo Structure

On-Page SEO for Affiliate Website

What’s Inside?
Complete SEO Checklist
Setting Up Rankmath SEO Plugin
Exploring RankMath SEO Premium Features

Off-Page SEO for Affiliate Websites

What’s Inside
Importance of Backlinks
Top 10 Strategies to Create High Quality Backlinks
2000+ High Quality Backlink sites

Content Creation for Affiliate Products

What’s Inside
Create Content for Website
Optimize Content for SEO

Free: Advanced Affiliate Traffic Methods

What’s Inside
PRO: Using Pinterest for Traffic
Using YouTube for Traffic
Using Quora for Traffic

Thank you + Conclusions

Thank you + Conclusion

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