Become a consultant: learn 5 core skills and land the job

Learn the 5 core skillsets that every consultant needs to start a successful career in consulting.

What you will learn

You will know what business consulting is, why it so important in today’s world and how it can be an accelerator for your career.

You will gain a deep theoretical understanding of the 5 core skill groups that every business consultant needs to have to become successful.

You will have practical insights on how to apply the core consulting skills in real-life cases.

You will get insights into the recruitment process and how to best prepare for a job interview.


Why consulting?

Companies need to change and adapt if they want to thrive let alone survive. This is the hard truth that CEOs and business owners are facing in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world.

Changing customer behavior, new regulations, more advanced technologies are but a few drivers behind the complexity that companies need to navigate through.

This is where consultants enter the scene. The business consultant is an agent of change that guides organizations in their transformation. The business consulting core skills will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to help those companies in becoming more successful.

This course is an introduction to business consulting and doesn’t require any prior knowledge.


What will you learn after enrolling?

  • Business consulting profession: you will know what business consulting is, why it so important in today’s world and how it can be an accelerator for your career;
  • Skillset: you will gain a deep theoretical and practical understanding of the 5 core skillsets:
    • the most valuable player: teamplay, leadership, facilitation, negotiation and teaching
    • the communicator: verbal communication, non-verbal communication, written communication and active listening
    • the expert: industry expert, organization expert, user expert, solution expert and methodology expert
    • [Coming soon] the thinker: creative thinking, systems thinking, problem solving, conceptual thinking and decision thinking
    • [Coming soon] the good soldier: ethics, accountability, trustworthiness, organized & timely and flexibility
  • Practical exercises: you will have access to some exercise in order to practice what you’ve learned.
  • [Coming soon] Case in point: you will get insights on how the business consulting core skills can be applied in real-life cases;
  • [Coming soon] Recruitment process: you will get insights into the recruitment process and how to best prepare for a job interview.


Who is this course for?

  • Young graduates looking to start a career in business consulting;
  • Experienced professionals looking to do a career switch into business consulting;
  • Any experienced professional interested in knowing what the basic core skills are of a business consultant.


What else can I offer you?

You will have access to:

  • The slides of the course which you can use at your own convenience;
  • Multiple choice questions to test your knowledge;
  • Fun assignments to make things more tangible;
  • Handouts and templates to help you in your day-to-day business consulting activities;
  • Access to an industry expert. In case you have questions feel free to contact me and I will do my absolute best to guide you.


Your turn now!

Do you want to boost your consulting career by learning the right core skills? Then this course has everything you need!



Introduction to business consulting

Introduction business consulting career
Practical information on how to use Udemy
Udemy review prompt
Why is business consulting a great career choice
Why do companies need business consultants?
What is business consulting?
Who are business consultants?
What are the responsibilities of business consultants?
Key takeaways
A small quiz

Business consulting core skillset

The T-shape skillset of the business consultant
A small quiz

Skill pillar 1 – The most valuable player

Most valuable player introduction
Key takeaways
A small quiz

Skill pillar 2 – The communicator

Communicator introduction
Verbal communication
Non-verbal communication
Active listening
Written communication
Key takeaways
A small quiz

Skill pillar 3 – The expert

Expert introduction
Industry expertise
Organization expertise
User expertise
Solution expertise
Methodology expertise
Key takeaways
A small quiz

Skill pillar 4 – The thinker

Thinker introduction
Creative thinking
Systems thinking
Problem-solving thinking
Conceptual thinking
Decision thinking
Key takeaways
A small quiz

Skill pillar 5 – The good soldier

Good soldier introduction
Acting in an ethical way
Organized and time-efficient
Key takeaways
A small quiz

Case in point

Case in point introduction
Case 1 – Refinement lifecycle
Case 2 – Communication model
Case 3 – Workshop
Case 4 – Decision matrix
Case 5 – Decision tree

How to land a job in business consulting

Landing the job introduction
Preparing for the interview
The recruitment process
The offer

Wrapping up

Wrapping up
Bonus lecture

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