AutoCAD 2D and 3D Masterclass

Complete course to learn AutoCAD from basic to professional level with example and problem solving approach.

What you will learn

The AutoCAD course contains detailed use of commands and different methods approach to create your plans and models.

The course includes detailed explanation of all commands and tools used in AutoCAD.

The course content is designed in chronological order to understand practical approach to undertake projects.

The course contains two examples where the users can learn step by step procedure of drafting plans, creating 3D model and Rendering methods.

Additionally, the rendering is explained keeping the Architectural and Civil Engineering perspective to have better understanding.

After completing this course, the students will be able to undertake Architectural projects as well as create 3D models and renders in AutoCAD.


The AutoCAD 2D and 3D Masterclass is designed for beginners as well as seasoned users to upgrade their knowledge of AutoCAD. This course covers all the commands and tools of AutoCAD with regards to Architectural and Civil Engineering perspective, while users from other vocation are also welcomed to learn and imply same. The course demonstrate methods to ease your workflow with regards to 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling and Rendering in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD can have a reputation of being clutter of tools and hard to learn, while the fact is that most of tutors are still teaching with outdated techniques. This course is perfect pace for beginner as well as regular user as it covers everything from scratch, all tools and it’s suitable method to ease your workflow. I have interpreted my practical approach experience of using AutoCAD and curated in the course.

I suggest students to practice enough in order to get into patterns of comfortable workflow that is convenient to them and improve their speed and knowledge of AutoCAD.


  • Download the attached plan image from recourse section of examples.
  • Create 2D plan by taking reference from plan in image.
  • Create 3D model of same house plan.
  • Add material, setup environment and Render images of same.

After completing AutoCAD 2D and 3D Masterclass, you will have complete go-through with methods that eases your workflow with practical approach of AutoCAD. You can work on actual projects of Planning, Drafting, Modeling and Rendering in AutoCAD.

Thank you for enrolling, please contact me if you have queries or doubt with any content of this course.



Basic user Interface
User Interface
Navigation and Zoom tool
Drawing Limit Setup
Creating Templates
Opening and Saving files
Unit Setup
Selection Methods
Drawing tools : Lines and Co-ordinate system
Absolute Coordinate system
Relative and Polar Coordinate system
Polylines and Splines
Drawing tools : Shapes
Drawing tools : Modifying tool sets
Construction lines, Rays, Points and Revision cloud
Move and Copy
Mirror and Rotate
Scale, Strech and Offset
Trim and Extend
Blend Curves
Earse and Align
Joint and Explode
Break and Break at point
Measure, Divide and Wipeout
Overkill and Boundary tool
Status bar in AutoCAD
Status Bar
Understanding layers
Layer stats
Layer Filters
Layer Match Properties
Unisolate, Isolate and Merging layers
Layer Translate
Dimensions Styles
Continuous and Baseline Dimension tool
Quick dimension tool and break tool
Dimension Adjust and Update tool
Breakline tool and dimension Jog
Assosiate/Deassosiate, Centerline tools
Understanding Text, Leaders and Tables in AutoCAD
Singleline text and Multiline text tools
Managing text styles
Leader & Multileader
Leaders style Manager
Align, Collect, Add & Remove leaders
Tables in AutoCAD
Understanding Views and Viewports in AutoCAD
UCS icon, View Cube & Navigation bar display
Creating Custom Viewport
Model space and Layout space
Viewport Configuration
Named Viewports and Join Viewports
Layout view manager
Constraints in AutoCAD
Concept of Constraints
Constraint settings
Parallel, Coincident and Tangent Constarint
Collinear, Perpendicular and Smooth Constraint
Concentric, Horizontal and Symmetric Constraint
Fix, Vertical and Equal Constraint
Show/Hide Constraints
Dimensional Constraints
Radius, Diameter, Angular and convert tool in dim Constraints
Modifying and deleting constraint values
Parameter manager
Blocks in AutoCAD
Concept of Blocks
Creating Blocks
Inserting Blocks
Annotative Blocks
Dynamic Blocks
Recent Blocks & importing blocks from other drawings
Utilities tools in AutoCAD
Utilities measuring tools
Quick Select tool
Attaching images and pdf in AutoCAD
Tool Palatte
Grouping in AutoCAD
Groups in AutoCAD
Group manager
Isometric drawing in AutoCAD
Isometric Drawings
Example of Isometric drawing
3D Modeling tools in AutoCAD
Standard premitivies and Visual styles
Understanding 3D coordinates
Navigation in 3D modeling
Selection and Gizmo
Union Intersect and Substract
Mesh and Plannar surfaces
Editing and Modifying tools
3D Align, 3D Mirror and 3D Array
Understanding Page setups in AutoCAD
Plotting and Plot Styles
Plot Styles
Title blocks in AutoCAD
Understanding Sheet Set Manager
Sheet Set Manager
Referencing external files in AutoCAD (Xref files)
Xref files referencing
Collaborative tools in AutoCAD
Collab tools
Advance tools in AutoCAD
Advance tools in AutoCAD
Practical Examples with easy methods
2D Plan Drafting
3D Modeling and Rendering
Practice and AutoCAD library collection
Practice Drafting, Modeling and Rendering

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