Arabic language | Learn Arabic with Mina

The perfect guide to start Arabic from scratch by fun methods, in a short time see a great results, let’s start now 🙂

What you will learn

You will able to recognize, read, write and pronounce perfectly the Arabic Alphabet & Diacritics.

You will be able to make conversations in daily life situations such as Greetings, introducing yourself, ordering food etc.

You will be able to read and write Arabic perfectly in a short time.

You will be able to speak Arabic confidently, correctly and Quickly with a great accent

You will study basic Arabic grammar rules, verbs and the tenses ”past / present / future”. with simplifying ways

You will learn over 2000 daily words with the vocabulary topics as foods, drinks, family, numbers, colors ..etc

You will be able master the Arabian pronunciation like a native speaker with a great tips and technics.

You will read and listen to short Arabic stories.

You will have worksheets , studying plan and homework plan for each lesson in the course to practice what you learned inside the lesson.

You will be able to read books in Arabic language.

You will be able to read ‘Quran’

You will learn the meanings of many day to day words as a natural consequence of the learning process


Welcome! ‘Marhaba’  Finally You are now in the right place to start your Arabic language study 🙂

Attention! NEW UPDATES!! 🙂
I have added 2 new sections to the course after you learn the Arabic reading and writing you can study Arabic grammar rules, conversations and vocabularies topics  too

in section eights we will learn conversations and basic vocabularies topics
in section ninth we will learn about the Arabic grammar rules, verbs, tenses and how to build a correct sentences

All the lesson will have worksheets which you can use it in the end of the lesson to practices what you learned
these sections will be updated every two weeks with new lessons

The two sections are made by fun and animated way to have fun studying Arabic grammar and vocabularies
as I say always the students deserve the best of the best

Recent reviews of students  🙂

Derek H.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5       2 weeks ago

First Day – level 4. Absolutely clear and precise. Cant wait till tomorrow for the next step…..(Homework tonight)

Great work!!!!!

Mariapia P.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5       3 weeks ago

Very clear explanation. We can practice a lot.

Clara J.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5          a week ago

I absolutely love This online Arabic course. Mina gives so much clarity to a the complicated language of Arabic! I have been able to understand and actually remember what is being taught because of the activities in the exercises in the course. Plus the short stories really help me see all of what I’m learning be put into practical sentences! 10/10 would recommend getting this if you are new to learning Arabic!!

Alexandra Y.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5       3 days ago

The course is well organized, Very interactive and fun.

Teacher explain by simple clear way, The worksheets very helpful for personal practice

I Highly recommend it!!

Danial L.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5         2 days ago

Very useful course, I really like it

I recommend this course for anyone who trying to improve their Arabic language skills

Welcome to learn Arabic with Mina 🙂

My name is Mina i am full time Arabic teacher in Egypt, teaching Arabic language is my greatest passion 🙂
In this course the students will be able to master  the Arabic language in short time by learning with a fun techniques that made by a professional teacher who have been teaching the language for over 7 years to different students from all over the world

– In this course we will learn how to read, write, listen and speak  the Arabic language through lectures which were developed and honed over hundreds of hours with dozens of students which can meet all kinds of learning styles

-At the end you will be able to:

* To read and to write the  Arabic letters perfectly   and  reading and listening to short stories in the Arabic language are written by colored way to help you to learn easier and better

* To make  conversations with learning over 2000 of day to day words and expressions in daily life

*To study Arabic grammar, verbs, tenses and basic vocabularies topics

– This course is divided to 9 sections beside update every month:

  • In the first sections:
    -Will get to know the teacher, his skills and his experience
    – Overview about the course and what we will be able to do after finishing it
    – How this course is following different amazing effective methods to make the     students achieve their target in short time
  • In the second section:
    – We will learn the names of the Arabic letters and their sounds
    – We will learn how to pronounce the sounds which are unique to Arabic in a fun way
    -We will learn about the vowels in  the Arabic sounds beside how they sound with all the Arabic letters and exercises on them  in the lectures or alone with the sheets which included with every lecture
    -Reading  -2,3,4,5 letters words with vowels
  • In the third section:- Starting our writing journey and some information about the Arabic letters
    – We will start our lectures about writing and dividing the letters into 4 groups
    – every group has a common thing help us to memorize it better and easier  beside the tips will be giving in the lecture

    – We will study group one then we will have a practice lecture on group 1 with learning new words from this group
    – Sheets for personal practice on group 1

  • In the fourth section:- We will study group 2 and we will have extra lectures for practicing together
    – Learning new words are made by this group so you can have practical practice on what you have learned
    – Sheets for homework and personal practice
  • In the fifth section:
    – We will study group 3 and  practice together
    – Learning new words are made by this group 3 and mixing with the last two group to build up on what we learned
    – Sheets for homework and personal practice
  • In the sixth section:
    –  We will study group 4 beside practicing together
    – Learning new words are made by this group 4 and mixing with the last three group to build up on what we learned

    – Sheets for homework and personal practice

  • in seventh  section:
    – We will study the word (The)  in Arabic and how we read it
    – We will learn new words and we will have sheets for homework and personal practice
    -We will start by listening and reading to short stories while will help you to know the meaning of key words and build a foundation for how the Arabic grammar works
  • In the eighth section:
    • – we will study daily life expressions which will help us to practice speaking the Arabic language
      – We study vocabularies topics with conversations such as Numbers / Greetings / introducing yourself in Arabic / Fruits and Vegetables / Family / Adjectives  … etc.
      – every 2 weeks will have new lessons will be uploaded
  • In the ninth section:
    – We will study Arabic grammar  verbs and tenses by fun interactive way such as pronouns / possessives nouns /  basics verbs / past tense / present tense / future tense …. etc.

    – We will be able to build correct sentences  and to express ourselves
    – every 2 weeks will have new lessons will be uploaded



‘Introduction’ meet your teacher 🙂

Meet your teacher ‘Welcome to learn Arabic with Mina’
Course overview

The Arabic letters, phonetics and vowels

The names of the letters
The sounds of the letters beside helpful tips
The vowels in the Arabic language
Dumma, fatha and kasra
Exercising on Dumma / Fatha / Kasra
Reading “separate letters words” with the vowels

The writing ‘the first group of writing’

Introduction about the writing the alphabets
The first group of writing ( ب ت ث ن ي )
Exercising on the first group of writing with learning new words

The writing ‘The second group of writing’

the second group of writing part 1 ( ج ح خ س ش ص ض )
Exercising on part 1 (ج ح خ س ش ص ض )
The second group part 2 ( ط ظ ع غ ف ق ل م)
Exercising on the second group part 2 ( ط ظ ع غ ف ق ل م )

The writing ‘The third group of writing’

The third group the pirates letters
Exercising on the third group and learning new words

The writing ‘The fourth group of writing’

The 4th group of writing ك ه ة ء
Practicing the fourth group ك ه ة ء

Reading and listening to short stories / Reading the word ‘ The ‘ in Arabic

Laam Shamseya Vs Laam Qamareya
Story 1
Story 2
Story 3
Story 4

The conversation, daily expressions and vocabularies lessons

Greetings in Arabic
Introducing yourself in Arabic
How are you ?
How to say goodbye in Arabic
The numbers from 1 to 19 + asking about telephone number
The numbers from 10 -100
The vegetables + expression for buying + conversation
The fruits
The Family + Practicing possessives nouns

Arabic basic grammar rules, tenses and verbs

The pronouns in Arabic
Practicing on the pronouns + sentences
Where are you from ?/ learn to make adjective from nouns
The possessives nouns ‘expressing ownership’
Basic verbs you need to know in Arabic part 1
Basic verbs you need to know in Arabic part 2
The past tense

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