Animal Movement: Primal Strength, Muscle, and Flexibility

Animal Movement: Primal Strength, Muscle, and Flexibility
Ultimate Bodyweight Strength and Flexibility Using Ancient Primal Movements That Can Be Performed Anywhere

What you will learn

Primal Movement Patterns

Strength of the Core

Flexibility and Mobility of your Joints

Leg Strength

Power and Athletic Ability

Move Better

Basic Nutrition


Looking For A Training Program to Get You Ripped While WITHOUT a gym?

This Course is for those who want to get in incredible shape without using weights without using a gym.

Animal Flow Workout teaches movements that will work your entire body, increasing strength, muscle, and flexibility!

By teaching you the essential animal movements, you will be able to train your entire body anywhere, from a hotel room, to a grassy area, to even a gym. The best thing about it, is that these movements will train your body in new and incredible ways. No longer will you have to

  • Do sit-ups or other useless core exercises
  • Go for walks or slow jogs
  • Buy and consume expensive and tasteless supplements
  • Practice incorrect form and harm your body.

Primal Animal Movements are amazing movements that have tons of benefits

  1. Increased Flexibility
  2. Stronger Ligaments and Tendons
  3. Full-Body Strengthening
  4. More Defined Muscle Mass
  5. Lower Body Fat
  6. Leaner Physique


As you will learn, if you can master animal flow movements, you will never need access to a gym or fitness center again. You will have the tools to build muscle, increase your flexibility, and gain strength without weights!

Primal movements are animal like movements that enhance your body in untold ways.

Here is what you will learn


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: How To Prepare Your Body To Workout

  • Guided Warm-Up of Your Entire Body
  • Small Animal Movements to Activate
  • Loosen Up Your Hips
  • Bulletproof Your Shoulders From Injury
  • Turn On Your Core

Part 3: Core Movements

  • The Bear
  • The Scorpion
  • Load Unload
  • Brazilian Push Up
  • Alligator
  • The Crab

Part 4: Leg Movements

  • Ape
  • Bunny
  • Flea
  • Kangaroo
  • Wrestler

Part 5: Upper Body Blaster

  • Lizard
  • Gorilla
  • Frog
  • Monkey
  • Inchworm
  • Crouching Tiger

Part 6: Complete Workouts

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3

This course will allow you to have an amazing body, no matter what is going on in your life! The best thing about it, I give you the exact formula I use for my animal flow workouts, so you can do the same workouts that I do.
I created three levels

  1. Easy: Phase 1
  2. Medium: Phase 2
  3. Advanced: Phase 3

Enroll now and get started today!


Orgins of Primal Movement
Introduction To Author Of Course

Course Instructions

Course Instructions
How to complete this course

Warm Up Before Training

Warm Up Part One
Warm Up Part Two
Warm Up Part Three
Shoulder Protection
Hip Activation

Core Movements

Bear Crawl
Load Unload
Lateral Pushup
Crab Walk

Leg Movements

Wrestler Walk

Shoulder Stretching Movements

JJ Monkey
Crouching Tiger
Strength Day Example
Muscle Building Day
HIIT Day Example

Phase 1 Workouts

Here is your complete Week 1 Workout Guide

Phase 2 Workouts

Phase 2 Workouts

Week 3 Workouts

Phase 3 Workouts

Yoga and Recovery

Recovery Stretches
Pigeon Pose
Inside Thigh
Spinal Rotation
Capoiera Lunge
Scorpion Stretch
Child’s Pose
Lower Back

Bonus Nutrition

What to Eat

Examples of how to workout each day

Written Workout Guide

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