Amazon Virtual Assistant • Complete Course [2024]

Learn how to become an Amazon Virtual Assistant, Get hired by rich clients, and upgrade your income even beyond!

What you will learn

Learn what is expected from an Amazon Virtual Assistant

Understand potential clients’ requirements and how to fully satisfy them

How to market yourself to maximize your chances of earning clients

Understand how you can evolve yourself to earn 5x more income or more!


Looking to earn money by becoming an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Unsure what you need to learn or look out for to be successful?

Then this course is for you!

In this course, you will learn:

– What skills you need to develop to become a high-level Amazon Virtual Assistant

– How to market yourself online and outshine other VA’s to secure wealthy clients


– How to go beyond the salary of a Virtual Assistant and evolve into an Amazon Consultant to increase your salary 5x or more!

Within this course, you will learn all that I know about what Amazon sellers are looking for when they are keen to hire someone to help them with their task – from listing management to reporting, you will get an understanding of what you need to learn to become a successful Amazon Virtual Assistant who keeps getting clients.

You will also learn where and how to market yourself so you have the highest chance of getting the attention of potential clients who have to browse through hundreds of other virtual assistants. You will get a clear understanding of what you need to do to set yourself apart from others and keep getting requests for work.

What’s more, you will discover how you can greatly increase your income by becoming an Amazon consultant, allowing you to charge much higher prices for your valuable time.

Sounds good?

Then let’s go!

Becoming an Amazon Virtual Assistant – What to Know

Develop Organizational Skills
Understand Client Objectives
Know Seller Central
Learn Customer Service Skills
Master Supply Chain Management
Learn Advertising / PPC Management
Know Keyword Research
Learn Copywriting
Develop Reporting Abilities

Selling Yourself – How to Find Clients

Platforms & Personal Website
Social Media
Self-Marketing – Tips & Pricing

Upgrading Your Income

Going from VA to Consultant – Why earn so much more?
Amazon Consultant – Skills to Learn

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