AI Animation with DALL-E 2, Photoshop and After Effects

Learn how to use AI to create an Infinite Zoom!

What you will learn

Learn how to use DALL-E 2 to generate images for animating

Learn how to use Photoshop with DALL-E 2

Learn how to manage exponential scale in After Effects

Learn how to create an infinite Zoom


DALL-E 2 is one of the most powerful AI Art Generation programs on the market. It is comparable to that of Midjourney and Disco Diffusion, however DALL-E 2 has tools to not only create generative art, but to edit existing images. The ability to edit existing images is what sets DALL-E 2 apart from the crowd.

By utilising the ‘outpainting’ function within DALL-E2 we will be able to create images that can then be animated in the form of an infinite zoom. This course is also reliant on the use of Photoshop an After Effects. You can get a free trial of Adobe photoshop and After Effects and there will be a lesson and links highlighting this.

DALL-E 2 has now removed their Waitlist and the software is free of charge, there is however a 15 credit limit per month. Within this course I have purchased extra credits as I use DALL-E 2 a lot in my professional work. However, there is no requirement for you to make any purchases!

The prerequisites for this course are as follows: You will need an internet connection, an email address, Photoshop and After Effects. As mentioned above you can obtain free trials of both photoshop and After Effects.

Course outline

Infinite Zooms made with DALL-E 2 (A quick case study look at AI animations made with DALL-E 2, more specifically we will look at example of infinite zooms made with DALL-E 2)

How to access DALL-E 2 (This session will show you how to access DALL-E 2)

Generating images in DALL-E 2 and Photoshop ready to animate (In this session we will utilise the prompt command to generate our first artwork. We will pair this with processing our images in Photoshop in order to generate images specifically for our infinite zoom.)

Animating an infinite zoom in After Effects (In this session we will utilise Adobe After Effects to take our DALL-E 2 images and animate the infinite zoom)

Class Project (Assignment) – (This lesson will walk you through the class project that you have been tasked with, summarising the skills and techniques learnt so far in the course.)

As mentioned above in the course outline, the course will finish with a really fun assignment where you will have the opportunity to practice the skills that you have learnt in this course! I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys create so please upload your work along with any key prompts you made! You may wish to submit a YouTube link in order to share the work you’ve made!




AI Animation Examples
How to access DALL-E 2
Generating images in DALL-E 2 and Photoshop ready to animate
Animating an infinite zoom in After Effects
Class Project

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