Agile Project Management – Introduction

Scrum, Product Vision, Roadmap, Product Backlog, Agile Planning, Monitoring, HR, Quality, Risk Management

What you will learn

Agile Project Management


Take a product vision and convert it into a real product

Managing resources, scope and risks


Welcome to the agile project management course.

There are no prerequisites to take this course, it is designed for beginners who wish to learn about agile project management.

And It is great for project managers who already practice classical project management as it will add new tools to their tool belt.

Agile project management is a great set of tools that helps project managers, also known as scrum masters to lead the project with high uncertainty around the scope.

Agile project management is very popular among software developers, however, we can observe that agile project management is making its way to many other areas, where teams develop products, rather than executing a well-developed scope.

In this course, we will talk about agile project management principles, review the agile project life cycle and dive deep into the scrum, what it is and how to run it.

By the end of the course you will clearly understand how to run the agile project from developing product vision, then road map, panning releases, and running scrums.

We will discuss agile project architecture and feature breakdown structure, as well as learn about tools and techniques for agile project estimating.

Also, we will talk about the release – what it is and how to plan it, how to plan sprints within the release.

We will teach you how to monitor an agile project, and review multiple tools for monitoring.

Good project management includes risk management and quality management. We will look into the agile methodology to manage both.

The agile framework manages teams differently than classical project management. We will review the responsibility of the agile team, scum master, and product owner, as well as team formation and coaching.

We will conclude the project with a project example, where you will learn to apply all the tools you learned in the course.

After completing this course you will be well equipped to run an agile project and be a leader of an agile team. This course includes multiple templates for you to keep and use on your projects. It will save you a lot of time and kick-start your journey to becoming a scrum master.




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Introduction to Agile
Traditional vs Agile
Benefits of Agile

Agile Project management

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Scrum roles and artifacts
Product vision
Feature Breakdown Structure
Product backlog
User Story
Agile Planning
Monitoring project
Agile quality management
Risk Management
HR in Agile
Managing agile team
Project Example


Final Word
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