Abstract Logo Mastery: Design Logos With Meaning & Story

Learn how to design abstract logos that tell the brands story & get paid more by clients

What you will learn

How to design logos that are neurologically more memorable for customers

How to design abstract logos that tell the brands story & purpose

How to boil down everything about a brand to one core message

How to provide more value as a designer to clients & get paid more as a result


What do all incredible abstract logos have in common?

The answer is simple:

They tell a story.

The best logo designers in the world understand this.

And the reason they are paid thousands for logo design is because they can design logos that say too much, whilst still being minimalist and aesthetically pleasing.

This is why we developed the Abstract Logo Mastery Course.


To teach ambitious designers and art of Abstract Logo Design.

In this course you’ll learn everything you need to know to be able to create memorable brand logos that communicate the core message of the brand.

You’ll learn:

  • What makes a great abstract logo design
  • Why some logos are more memorable
  • How to create super memorable logo design
  • How to find a brands core message & story
  • How to sketch ideas & choose the best ones
  • How to refine & perfect your ideas
  • How to take a logo from sketchpad to Adobe Illustrator and make it digital
  • How to present your logo ideas with world-class mock ups

And so much more!

Scott Lancaster, founder of leading strategic branding agency Clementine House, has developed his unique system & process for creating world class abstract logo design for clients all around the world for the past decade.

And in this course, he shares his creative process with you.


Welcome to the Abstract Logo Mastery Course

Understanding Abstract Logo Design

Abstract Logo Design 101
What Makes A Logo Memorable?
Why We Remember Certain Logos

The Abstract Logo Design Process

Step 1: Finding Your Logo’s Story & Message
Step 2: Searching, Sketching & Selection
Step 3: Perfecting Designs In Adobe Illustrator

Creating Brand Colour Palettes

Create Brand Colours In 8 Minutes

Presenting Abstract Logo Designs

Creating World Class Logo Mock Ups

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