A complete guide on how to create a Tourism Experience/Tour.

Do you want to create from the start an Airbnb Experience or a tour?Would like to transform your hobby/passion into one?

What you will learn

To get a very deep understanding of what is a tour and what is a tourism experience and their differences. .

All the possible aspects that someone need to take as a consideration before he starts a tourism experience or tour.

To have all the theoretical background in order to start a tourism experience/tour.

The learners would have receive real life examples and insights about all the process of creating an experience. From beginning to end.

To understand all the communication process needed with clients, before , during and after a tourism creation.

To have a great understanding about various Marketing techniques for Tours Experiences.

To estimate the importance of reviews.

What to do if something goes wrong during a Tour/Experience.

A deep understanding about what we need to do if something unfortunate happen during a tourism experience/tour.

What to do about the Competition and how to create collaborations.

To know the platforms that need to focus like Airbnb Experiences and the importance of our own website.

To have a great in depth understanding of the importance of insurances and policies.

To know how to price a tourism experience/tour


This is going to be a step by step guide on how to create a tour/tourism experience. We will get a theoretical background into some theories and some concepts of the tourism industry and then we will see real-life examples. Together we will dive into all the steps of the creation of a tourism product. We will define what is a tour/tourism experience then we will see how to put our idea into the table and then how to make this idea take form. Everything you need to start and you will need to continue performing will be demonstrated to you. Many people have a hobby/passion that they are really good at it and they would like to make it into a tour or an experience as their main profession or a part-time job and they just need a small push. My first experiences were about local legends that I really love them so anything is possible. Please consider this course as the ideal nudge! I have 3 academic degrees in tourism, years of managerial positions inside the tourism industry but I was still afraid/did not have the courage to start performing my own tours/experiences. In order to conclude as I am mentioning in my course, If I can do it obviously you can do it also. So join me to see step by step how you can achieve it.




Let me introduce myself.
For whom is this lecture.
What are we going to learn.

What is a tour and what is an experience.

What is a tour?
What is an experience?
What are the differences between Tours and Tourism Experiences.
Can everyone perform/offer a tourism experience?

How to create a tour/experience

How to start a Tourism Experience/Tour Part 1
How to start a Tourism Experience/Tour Part 2
Do we need a script or not?
Some examples of experiences.
The platforms.

How to manage our tourism experiences before the arrival of the first client.

What you need to know before the first client.
How do we price our products?
Communication with the client.
Appearance/What to wear.

Our first client!

The first client.
The client number 1000!
The importance of the reviews.
What we can do to support our tours?
How we are not going to get bored if we performing every day.
How we prevent something to wrong/unexpected during our tour.


The first Investment/expansion.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts.

How much time it is going to take until you will be able to say”I did it”!
Mistakes that everyone is doing.
My final thoughts.

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