21 Ways to Fund a Nonprofit

The essential course for selecting nonprofit funding!

What you will learn

21 methods for funding a nonprofit

Considerations when selecting a method of funding

Multiple ways that corporations give to charitable programs

The difference between equity, debt, and donation-based crowdfunding

How to identify less obvious state funding opportunities

How federal matches and cost reimbursement impacts the small nonprofit

The difference between membership and mandatory fees

How fiscal sponsors can help nonprofits, small businesses and individuals further a charitable mission


Nonprofit organizations are established to benefit the world in one form or another. Naturally, the nonprofit founder, board and executive leadership desires every possible dollar that they can get to further the mission of the organization. Still, the matter of β€œwhere” to find these dollars has eluded many nonprofit leaders, especially those who are new to the sector.Β  And given the growth-rate for the nonprofit sector and the fierce competition for traditional funding, this course was written to help small and mid-sized nonprofit leaders identify multiple funding sources so that they are positioned to thrive. A thriving nonprofit is one that is successfully reaching their programmatic goals through ongoing growth, development and sustainability. Leaders of thriving nonprofits understand that they are running a business which will face many of the same financial dilemmas as their for-profit counterparts β€” with the obvious need for cash-flow to start, sustain, and expand operations. Because nonprofits cannot sell company shares or take on investors in the traditional sense, these leaders have had to look for other creative means for funding.

This course discusses 21 funding methods that may be helpful for nonprofit leaders to consider as they search for diverse streams of income to further their mission.




Course Primer
How To Get The Most Out Of This Course

21 Ways To Fund A Nonprofit

Self-Funding & Bartering
Individual Donations & Bequests
Corporate Giving
Equity, Debt, and Donation Crowdfunding
Social Enterprises
Membership & Mandatory Fees
Commercial, SBA, and CDFI Loans
Government Funding Methods
Private and Community Foundations
Fiscal Sponsorships

Concluding Thoughts

Concluding Thoughts
Bonus Lecture

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