15 signs to tell that your computer has got virus

Signs of computer virus, Types of computer viruses, Computer virus and other types of malware, what a computer virus can

What you will learn

What are some common indicators which may suggest than our computer system has been infected by virus?

What are some common types of computer viruses?

What a computer virus can do?

What is the difference between computer virus and ransomware, trojan horses, worm, spyware and adware?


1. What are those some common indicators which may suggest that our computer system has been infected by virus?

2. Computer virus can change the browser settings of  your computer. Comment.

3. What type of action a computer virus may take on the files  stored in your computer?

4. What type of unexpected activities can a computer virus can do in respect of email or social media?

5. What are some common types of computer viruses?

6. Detecting and removing viruses is an easy job. Comment.

7. Direct action virus is a virus which directly attacks certain types of files. Which are those files?

8. What is meant by boot sector?

9. What is boot sector virus? Is it easy to remove this virus?

10. Do you agree that  macro viruses do not target the underlying computer system itself? Comment.

11. It is difficult to remove polymorphic viruses. Why?

12. What is meant by multipartite virus?

13. File infector viruses target specifically target which type of files?

14. Where does resident virus saves itself?


15. What does the overwrite virus do?

16. What is meant by spacefiller virus?

17. Computer viruses are just one kind of harmful software that can cause problems. Comment.

18. Whether ransomware is a virus?

19. Is trojan a virus?

20. The spread rate of viruses is slow or high in comparison to trojan. Comment.

21. What is the main purpose of trojan horse?

22. Is worm a virus?

23. At which speed worms spread in comparison to viruses?

24. What is the function of spyware?

25. What is meant by adware?

26. Is it easy to tell to identify what type of malware has hit your computer system? Comment.

27. What type of damages a computer virus can do?



15 signs to tell that your computer has got virus

15 signs of Computer Virus
Common Types of Computer Viruses
Computer viruses and other types of malware
What a computer virus can do?

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