101 Punjabi Phrases

Quickly learn basic conversational Punjabi

What you will learn

Learn where the Punjabi language is spoken today

Gain confidence with using basic conversational Punjabi

Test your knowledge using the quizzes provided at the send of each section

Learn to use Google Translate to check your pronunciation


This course includes 101 very common phrases in Punjabi.  These phrases are across the following categories:

– Short phrases

– Question words

– ‘What’s Up?’ type phrases

– Miscellaneous phrases

– Introductions

– Food

– Useful phrases for when you don’t understand something being said in Punjabi

– Phrases related to work

– Phrases used on the phone

– Weather

– Saying goodbye

In addition to this content, the user is shown how to use Google Translate to check their pronunciation when they are practicing.  Since the Punjabi alphabet is quite different from English, the pronunciations are not natural for native English speakers, so this extra help with producing the correct pronunciation of the words will be very helpful and useful.

This is an introductory course and more courses will be offered later to supplement the content given here.

This course shows the Gurmukhi script with each of the English phrases, along with a transliteration and the phrase is read aloud in Punjabi, but the Gurmukhi script is not taught in this course.

Those with previous experience with Punjabi and with the Gurmukhi script will benefit the most from this course, as they will be able to more easily read and pronounce the phrases being reviewed here, but no previous knowledge/experience is necessary.




Introduction to the Course
Helpful tips on Using Google Translate to help you with pronunciation
Some notes before getting started
Lesson 1 – Short Phrases
Short Phrases
Lesson 2 – Question Words
Question Words
Lesson 3 – ‘What’s Up?’ Phrases
‘What’s Up?’ Phrases
Lesson 4 – Miscellaneous Phrases
Miscellaneous Phrases
Lesson 5 – Introductions
Lesson 6 – Food
Lesson 7 – Some Useful Phrases When Learning Punjabi
Some Useful Phrases When Learning Punjabi
Lesson 8 – Work/Vacation
Lesson 9 – On the Phone
On the Phone
Lesson 10 – Talking about the Weather
Talking about the Weather
Lesson 11 – Saying Goodbye
Saying Goodbye

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