WordPress for Beginners

In this course you know about basics of WordPress and learn how to create project.

What You Will Learn

Introduction to WordPress

How to install WordPress

How to create , update and delete pages in WordPress

How to create , update and delete post in WordPress

How to install theme in WordPress

How to install Plugin in WordPress

How to set Home page as a Front page of website

How to set up a menu


  • little bit knowledge of how to install xampp
  • how to use xampp
  • how to create database in phpmyadmin


How to cover basics WordPress in short time.

In this course we will learn Introduction of WordPress.

How to install WordPress.

How to Create , Update and Delete Page.

How to Create Post Update and Delete Page.

How to change theme.

How to install plugin.

After learning these all basics we will create project in the end.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to learn WordPress Front End Development as a Beginner
  • Those who want to start career as a WordPress Front End Developer
  • Those who want to freelance as a WordPress Developer


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