Visual Studio Code for Delphi developers

Leverage your existing knowledge to learn a new product

What you will learn

To effectively use Visual Studio Code

To leverage their existing Delphi knowledge into Visual Studio Code

To feel comfortable with a different IDE

To understand the UX principles under which Visual Studio Code is designed


Visual Studio Code is a fantastic free and open source tool from Microsoft, is cross platform, so you can use it on macOS, Windows and Linux, but also on web browsers, as it’s developed using web technologies. In this course, we will show how can you translate your existing knowledge about RAD Studio into Visual Studio Code through a series of short videos. The videos are very specific and show you how to do the same things you are used to do in RAD Studio, but in Visual Studio Code. So if you are a Delphi developer using RAD Studio, you will learn how easy is to use Visual Studio Code. You can jump between lessons, as they don’t depend on each other, and our goal is to keep expanding the course with new topics. Also, be aware that Visual Studio Code is not a visual development environment, so at TMS Software we have been adding that functionality through an extension, so you can create applications visually with it. We have followed the same RAD principles, so you will feel familiar with it, and please, if you want an specific topic to be covered, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will add them.




Course Layout
Visual Studio Family

General Overview

Desktop Layouts
Welcome Page

Visual Design

TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code
Form Designer
Tool Palette
Object Inspector
Structure View

Code Editing

Indenting Code
Formatting Code
Code Completion
Navigation Toolbar
Code Navigation
Live Templates
Code Folding
ToDo Lists
Surround Keys
Block Comments
F1 Help
Syntax Highlighter
Font Size
File Encoding
Class Completion

Building Apps

Project Manager
Project Options
Compiler Status
Compiler Errors

Running and Deploying


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