Vagrant : Visualized Development Environments and Oracle

Learn Vagrant Basic to Advance using Virtual box hypervisors and also Oracle Database on Vagrant and vagrant cloud

What you will learn

Create automatic, reliable, repeatable, easy to use, and versioned development environments

Write provisioning scripts to automatically setup Vagrant managed environments

How to setup Oracle Database using Vagrant

GIT and GitHub and Vagrant Cloud


This is an introductory course on Vagrant designed to show how to setup local development environments using Vagrant and related tools.

Vagrant is a command-line program that’s used in combination with a configuration file to define, configure, and run virtual machines. Vagrant is compatible with most of the major hypervisors , including VirtualBox, Hyper-V and VMware.

In this course you get started with vagrant powerful easy to use tool by helping you build your understanding of Vagrant components and provides to support Vagrant. It also covered primary use cases for Vagrant, and explains how it can simplify the usage and deployment of virtual machines. He discusses how to work with boxes including how to create boxes of your own and discusses Vagrant Cloud online box repository and course also cover how to work with oracle database using Vagrant and learn basic administration oracle with vagrant. The following topics are covered.

Course Outline

  •  What is Vagrant?
  • Running your first box VM
  • Connecting to box
  • Working with Vagrant Cloud
  • Configuring boxes with Vagrant files
  • Creating a developer environment
  • Uploading a box to Vagrant Cloud
  • How to install Oracle 18C,12C,11G database using Vagrant
  • How to do Basic administration of oracle vagrant






What do you already know?

Install Vagrant and VirtualBox

Get Started with Vagrant

What is Vagrant?

Run your First vagrant box

Working with vagrant Boxes

Check Box status

Connect to a box

Halting and destroying boxes

Vagrant Cloud Vagrant Cloud

Configure Boxes with Vagrantfiles

Get started with Vagrantfiles

Vagrant synced folders

Vagrant networking

Vagrant providers

Vagrant provisioners

Vagrant Use Cases

Overview Application developer environment

Create a base box-1

Create a base box-2

Upload a box to Vagrant Cloud

Oracle Database 18c installation with Vagrant

Oracle Database 18c installation with Vagrant

How to access the database in Vagrant VM and stop & destroy Vagrant VM.

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